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Roland: Yes! Feel it, play with it
Elizabeth played with it, as he kissed her, he was m0an!ng. Then he unzip her, pulling off her skirt, while kissing and using one hand to squeezing ear b0s0m.

Elizabeth: No, no…

Roland: Sheesh! Calm down (low and flirty tone)

Elizabeth: I’m scared

Roland: Don’t be
He pulled her skirt off totally, reaching for her [email protected], trying to dip his finger in her [email protected] She objected…

Elizabeth: No, no, don’t let us go there

Roland: Why? Don’t you love me?
Kissing her, still trying to pull off her [email protected]

Elizabeth: Roland stop, I can’t. Let’s wait, I want to wait till marriage. I’m still a virgin and I want to wait till wedding night.

Roland: Babe, stop, I love you.
Roland, kissed her more, squeezing her butt0ckz…

She forced herself away from Roland.

Elizabeth: Please don’t let the devil use us
Roland moved closer to her again, kissing her, persuading her… She refused

Roland: What is wrong with you now, am I not the person that will still marry you.

Elizabeth: Let’s wait, please

Roland: I can’t, see I won’t hurt you, my J0yst!ck is big but I will be gentle with you, let me just enter once.

Elizabeth: No, let’s wait.

Roland: I swear I will be gentle now, let me just enter once. I have condoms, so don’t be scared of stds

He quickly went to wardrobe, brought a condom, tore, trying to wear the condom

Elizabeth: No, not now… Please I beg you

Roland: Please now, I beg you too. I won’t stay long, I won’t even Pour. Just enter once, that’s all.

He tried to kiss her, Roland was really in the mood. As they say in Nigeria, “Konji na bastard”. Roland was really sweating. Elizabeth began to wear her skirt…

Roland : Hahaha, don’t wear your skirt now, baby please now.

Roland J0yst!ck was still erected as bamboo tree… He tried his possible best, persuading her but she didn’t accept.

Elizabeth: Do you want me to stop coming here, let’s call off our relationship if you can’t wait. Please Roland, I love you, let’s wait for the right time. You would wait if you truly love me.

She kissed him, Roland continued kissing her deeply, trying to sq££ze her b0s0m…

Elizabeth: Roland stop.

Roland: Okay, what about lap S£x?

Elizabeth: No

Elizabeth picked her brazier, wore it, wearing her blouse…

Roland: Are you wearing you clothes ni?

Roland was frustrated, his J0yst!ck was still erected…

Elizabeth: Please Roland.

Roland: I’ve heard, I will wait ooo.

Shaking his head…

Elizabeth: Put on your boxers and clothes.

Roland: Of course

He wore his boxers…

Roland: I’ll be right back, let me quickly use the toilet.

Roland quickly rushed to bathroom, brought out his erected J0yst!ck, spit on it and began to masturbate. As he was masturbating, he was thinking or should I say fantasizing or should we call it imagining that he was having S£x with Elizabeth, he was m0an!ng as he was masturbating, touching his Tip with the other hand, masturbating, m0an!ng till he finally ejaculated, his Pour was so much and very think. Breathing heavily, as he was finally relieved but not satisfied.

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