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“Court rise” I heard the clerk call out announcing the arrival of the trial judge and quickly interrupting my thoughts and bringing me back to the reality of what might be my fate.

It took a short while for the judge to begin to read out his judgment but that seemed like eternity to me. Finally he continued “On the charge of kidnapping of Miss Vivian Abang, Audrey Odey and Jane Duke, the prosecuting counsel has failed to convince this honourable court that the accused had indeed masterminded the crime. I hereby acquit him of the charge” He said making his first ruling.

Brief murmurings of approval could be heard in the courtroom before he continued. At these point I already knew what the murder ruling would be
“On the charge of murder of his accomplices, having failed to convince this honourable court that he perpetrated the first crime of kidnapping the victims, the prosecuting counsel also failed to prove he murdered them to cover his track. This court hereby acquit the suspect of those charges.” He said confirming what I already knew or felt was logical. He went on to say the prosecuting counsel cannot claim I planned her kidnapping with an intent of getting a ransom from the victims’ families since no such demands were made, and still admit I was the one of the victim’s boyfriend who was supposed to pay the ransom for their release.
“On the charge of drug and arms possession, while the prosecuting counsel has also failed to prove he owns the arms, they successfully proved beyond reasonable doubt that he owned the drugs having admitted himself…. Bla blab la…” I couldn’t make head of what he was saying at that point again. The next time he had my attention was when he said “I hereby sentence you to Five years imprisonment for drug possession and trafficking”

Years later, I found out keeping me behind bars was an instruction from above to cover something big.

Within one hour after the judgment was passed, I was sitting in my prison cell holding about 7 other inmates, clothed in a blue top and short, sitting on the floor and familiarizing myself with a place that’ll be my home for the next five years of my life. A cellmate about the same size like me was talking to me (I think he was passing some kind of instructions or introductions) but I paid no attention to him.
“Oboy no be you I dey follow talk” He said hitting my head
I quickly seized his hand while pulling myself up as he tried to break free. Spinning around till I stood behind him while still holding his hand, I twisted his hand with force making him to scream out in pains. But I wasn’t done just yet. Still grabbing him in that position, I pushed him towards the bars of the cell and slammed his head on it twice breaking it in the process.

At this point the whole cell had gone up with screaming inmates cheering me on. “Abeg abeg abeg” He wailed
When I saw how bloodied his face was, I released my grip on his hand and the back of his neck as he fell to ground groaning. I turned to see mortified looks on the faces of my other cellmates and out of nowhere, another courage filled me up as I addressed them. “Make I make myself clear, dem no lock me with una, dem lock una with me, so stay your lane and we no get problem. My name na Fury”. I said as I turned to see the prison officers who had just led me to my cell staring at me in sheer shock at what I had just done. Or was it at who I did it to.

Turns out I had just taken out the president and bully of my cell, a once upon a time notorious cultist convicted for clubbing his landlord to death somewhere around Calabar South.

Obviously dude was so much trouble to them because they simply left us alone.



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May 08, 2017
so this story just end like dis, it's not fair
May 08, 2017
very interesting piece. kept me glued all the way to the end but the latter part of the story isn't nice joor.
May 10, 2017
what of ima,jamma, and jade? Abeg finish dis tin jor, in dey sweet me. Good write up.
May 20, 2017
wao it was great pls complete it
Feb 09, 2018
oh no i didn't this coming.interestin bt i dnt find the end interestin, jade never found who her real parent are, jama never knew jade was his daughter? All dis are expected to come at d end bt seriously i dnt like hw vivian was killed!! D end is wat i call beautiful nonsence bt u did a very good job. Nice writeup bro
May 24, 2018
pls can u continue. u said they were covering smtin big, pls we will lyk to kwn wat actual they were covering. pls the story is touching i don't want it to end. nice one by the way looking forward 4 updates.
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