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But rather than answer me, he opened the newspaper and read out a front page caption “Drug War: Girl Drugged and Battered Unconscious because Lover fails to meet deadline.”

He then paused as if to make sure he had my attention. When he saw that I was looking at him, he went on to read the part of the news article
“Daughters of Prof. Duke, the CMD of the Calabar University Teaching Hospital and his colleague Prof. Abang have both regained their freedom after a kidnapping reminiscent of drug Cartels in South-America. At the center of the kidnapping is illicit campus drug trafficker, Adekunle Micheal better known with the alias “Fury”, a 300Level student of Medical Laboratory Science in the University of Calabar.”
“Micheal and Vivian Abang according to findings are believed to have been engaged in the illicit drug trade going on in the city.

They were involved in a battle of supremacy with a rival gang which led to her kidnapping.

Unfortunately her cousin, Audrey, friend and daughter of the UCTH CMD Jane Duke, were with her and were also abducted….” He continued reading but I stopped paying attention to him as the events of the previous night came flashing back to me and I began to shed tears.

I think at a point I heard him mention “unoccupied building, shallow grave, dead girl, dead guy, searched apartment, illicit drugs, she remains in a state on unconsciousness” etc but I paid no attention to him. But I had been surprised to hear that Audrey and Vivian were also kidnapped with her. Where were they kept all the while? How was Vivian’s health currently? Etc. were some of the questions going on in my head then.

Suddenly, the room door swung open again and three more men dressed like the first guy came in. One also had a gun on his waist while the other two held riffles.

The first guy immediately stopped reading just as one of the new guys (with the pistol) quietly walked over to my side to and unclasped the cuffs from the bed, leaving the one around my wrist. Then reaching for my hand, he pulled out the needle not minding if I was hurt or not and causing me to groan in pain loudly.
“Trust me son, this is the least of your problems” He said just as he directed the other two with riffles to “Pull him up”
The two guys swiftly walked over to both sides of the bed, and holding me by the arm pulled me off the bed just as I screamed in pains again.
“We’re done keeping you here. We also have a holding facility” the new man said, dragging me off the bed and onto my feet.

My hands were then cuffed together and I was led out of the room with great difficulty in walking. But just by the door out of the room where I had been kept, I saw my reflection on a glass door and realized I also had a bandage on my head.

Although these guys were yet to identify themselves, I was certain they were either NDLEA or SARS agents. The first option was more likely. Notwithstanding, I was lead in that pain to a waiting car outside and downstairs with stares from several people making side remarks.

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