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I looked around in a bid to study my environment and confirm if I was indeed in a hospital because I couldn’t understand why I was cuffed to a bed. Or was this another abduction? I wondered just as a nurse walked into the room carrying a file. Our eyes met but they was a look of spite and anger in hers that I couldn’t understand. Was she angry at me being awake or what exactly? Or perhaps my eyes were the ones playing tricks on me with regard to her facial expression.
“Nurse…!” I called briefly, barely audible to my own ears after which I coughed involuntarily watching her walk over to my drip stand. I did feel a great deal of pains on my chest as I coughed but I still wanted the nurse to speak to me so I tried calling her again.

And if she had heard me the first time, she didn’t respond until I made a second effort at getting her to talk to me
“Nurse where am I and why am I cuffed to the bed?” I said in low tunes like one having difficulty with his breathing. I was sure she heard me this time around and was now sure of the earlier facial expression of disgust.

Rather than answer my question, she annoyingly hissed and went out leaving the drip she had appeared to be attending to and me a whole lot confused.

Suddenly, in addition to the pains I felt on my chest, it was as if my head was being split into two. I tried to sit up and felt pains in my back making me fall back almost immediately on the bed. If like a cascade of reactions, I started feeling pains in every part of my body.

I realized also that my left eye hurt and there was a swelling underneath, hence partially open.

It wasn’t up to three minutes after she left the room that the door was flung open and in came a guy dressed in a long sleeve shirt neatly tucked in his jean trouser. I would have guessed he was a medical doctor despite the fact that he had neither a ward coat on, nor a stethoscope on his person but was holding just a newspaper. The pistol I saw in a gun holster on the right side of his waist made me realize he was anything but a doctor and I was in trouble.
“I was thinking you were never going to wake up again Mr. Fury?” He asked standing by the foot of my bed with hands folded across his chest.

I kept mute and just looked at him like he wasn’t talking to me. I had no idea what he was talking about and all that mattered to me was the pains I felt and the cuffs on my wrist.

After a moment, he continued.
“You know, I had expected to see some really tough looking dude, but…” He ended and pointed at me with the newspaper while shaking his head like one in doubt before continuing “You’re so small and… I’m just short of words” He ended
In a bid to say something, I coughed briefly before I could speak. “I can’t make out a thing from what you’re saying sir”
“Oh. My apologies. The doctor said something like this might happen” He began and stopped for a moment before continuing. “In fact, he said you were lucky the soldiers didn’t fracture your ribs or something with the kicks that they dished to you two nights ago. One of the kicks met your head and put you to sleep.

Something like a factory reset, so the doctor said you were going to need some time to reboot’ He said before laughing briefly, probably at the later part of his comment mocking my obvious failed memory. But at this point my memory began to return gradually as I began to remember when I was on the floor and screaming because I was being beaten.
“Two nights ago?” I repeated after he had finished, finding it had to believe I had been unconscious for that long. The memories suddenly came flooding back to my head

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