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Must Read: S*x As She Taught Me - Season 1 - Episode 7
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With beads of water still adorning her honey
coloured skin,she reflected like a diamond,pure
and polished. She wiped the wetness off her in
the most s£[email protected] way possible,slowly trailing
her contours with the milk coloured towel.

Concentrating on the space btw her thighs,she
looked at me,noticing i was following every
movement she made. Damn she was hard to
read,i was excited,but at the same time
perplexed,i didnt know what was to come,or
what she had in mind. That mischievious grin
she had on,when she told me she was gonna
teach me something,what did she mean!. Well
it was Stephanie,it sure was gonna blow my
mind,she could do no wrong.I kept on
thinking,my mind jumping through different
possibilities,while still watching her ardently.

I was lost in her world,her aura deeply imbued in
my brain. Its difficult to make anyone
comprehend just how much she captivated me.

Imagine you’ve been walking for days in the
desert,your confused and disoriented,thirsty
and farmished,the road ahead looking desolate.

Then someone appears from nowhere,and offers
you not a drop of water,but an ocean of it.

Stephanie was that some1 to me. She was
more and beyond.

I was still lost in thought,my eyes keenly trained
on her,when she asked me a funny question.
“Do you watch X-rated?”. “Huh?”,i pretended not
to have heard her. She asked again,this time
slightly louder. “Uhmmmm,yea i do”,i replied
with a stammer.”But occasionally though”,i
quickly added. She chuckled. “Dont worry

baby,am not judging you”,she said. I asked her
if we were going to watch some hot X-rated
together,my face beaming with
excitement,wondering if that was the surprise.

She cackled uncontrollably,throwing her nâkëd
body on me. I sat there confused. I didnt know
why she was laughing at me,maybe what i had
just suggested was funny. I laughed too,hiding
my embarrassment.

Then she asked me how i felt about going down
on a woman,if i had watched it before,or if i
could do it. I told her i didnt understand what
she meant. Then she went on to explain to me.

“You know how i sU-Cked your J0yst!ck,can you do
that to me too?”. I just sat there dazed,not
knowing what to say. To be honest i was
shocked. I had never thought about sU-Cking a
woman before,now i was right in front of it,less
than 2 meters btw us. I was scared,scared i
may not like it,or that i wouldnt do it properly.

As if she was reading my mind,she told me not
to worry,that she knew i hadnt done it
before,and that she would teach me. Then she
stood up,went to her music set,put on some
blues and came back to the bed. “Hey
babe,relax,theres no monster down there,you’ll
thank me later i promise”,she chided
playfully,trying to get me to lighten up. I took
off my clothes,my once poking hardon now
flaccid. Then she kissed me all over my
face,rubbing her hands on my chest,caressing
my entire body. Gently she grabbed my head
and slowly guided me towards her honeypot.
She spread her legs wider to accomodate
me,while i poked out my tongue,touching her
mons. She was bald down there,and the skin
around was slightly lighter than her
complexion. Her womanly aroma hit my
senses,at first foreign to me,but as time went
on i got used to it. I licked along her
divide,trying to emulate what i had seen in
pornos. Now i understood why she asked me if i
watched X-rated. I almost laughed down there,my
apprehension slowly leaving me. Then i
intensified my licking,slobbering all over her
beautiful püssy,i would sU-Ck her a little,then i
would insert my tongue in,quickly poking in
and out,alternating the process over and over
again. I looked up at her face,she had this weird
look,as if she was about to cry,biting her entire
lower lip,pouting her mouth. She was trying
hard not to scream out,but occasionaly letting
out an unguarded utterance. Now if you’ve
never sU-Cked a nice püssy before,you will never
be able to picture this. Her facial expression told
me i was good at this,gifted actually,and am
not ashamed to say it,proud to say the least.

Boy did i keep on sU-Cking harder,i gently
scraped my teeth on her lâbiâ,flickering my
eager tongue ,over the reddened knob that i
later found out was her çlït. She went mad with
passionate rage,grabbing my head and trying
to push it way,while repeating ‘oh my God’! a
million times. I held on tightly to her
thighs,continuing the assault on her püssy,i
was enjoying it by now,determined to make her
orgasm. She bent forward over me,violently
grabbed my hard dïçk,pumping it madly,as she
sq££zed my balls hardly. I almost jumped
away,the searing pain travelling fast to my
brain. “Sorry swity,am sorry”,she said,a prudish
smile forming at the corner of her lips. I went
on nontheless,by this time her juices flowing
freely down her thighs. I knew she had cüm,so i
lifted my head,drew her to me,as she was
breathing labourously . She collapsed on my
chest,totally spent. I smiled to myself,stroking
her short hair.

“how are you honey?”,i asked,she
hesitated,then answered without looking
up,”shut up you monster”. I was glad.

We spent the evening in bed,listening to soft
blues that she loved so much. I wondered why i
never used to listen to this type of music,it was
truely soothing to the ears,like balm on aching
bones. Stephanie was Unclad but for the
flowery blanket which loosely covered her
bottom.She was lying on her side,snuggling
me. I had my boxer short on,but bare chested.

I looked at her,she was fast asleep.

Then i looked around the room,which was slightly
dark,except for the muted rays of light sifting
through the window,from the bulb outside. I
noticed my clothes were still strewn about,lying
carelessly where i had thrown them,just before
our romp earlier. I turned back again facing
her,this time watching her heaving brëâsts,as
they rose and fell with every breath she took. It
was a sight to behold,and i marvelled at the
sheer simplicity of the enchanting spectacle.

Beauty is a relative term,but i doubt anyone in
the whole wide world would have had anything
but awe,looking at her sleeping there.

I thought about kissing her forehead,but i
decided against it,if she woke up it would look
creepy. Instead i rolled out of the bed,picked up
my shirt and jeans,neatly folded them and
placed it in the corner. A gentle breeze
caressed my cheek,it was almost 8pm and i was
starting to feel a bit cold. I threw on my
shirt,quietly opened the door and went out. I
sat on the steps of her porch,gazing into the
night,the sound of the school community
greeting my ears. I heard the sound of tv
coming from the family house nearby,and what
sounded like the dad scolding one of the kids. I
strained my ears to hear better,but it was
futile,so i resigned to my already emerging
thoughts. Before i had come to see her that
day,i had made a mental image of the many
questions gnawing on my mind. I was
determined to get the answers today. Maybe it
would be better to wait till midnight,when the
world was asleep,to ask her this questions. Yes i
would wait,i reassured myself. Definitely i
couldnt leave this place without knowing.

Fairytales dont last forever,and even when it
does,no one tells you what happens after the
‘happily ever after’. I just had to know,and
especially to tell her how much i was in love
with her. I trembled at the thought of telling
her,how she would respond,or what she’ll say.
What if she didnt feel the same way? What if
this was all about s*x for her. I dismissed the
notion. Since the day she took my innocence,a
kind of unspoken fog had been hanging over
us,i didnt know if she noticed it,or it was just
my mind playing tricks on me. Damn i was so
naive back then,the world of women still alien
to me. I would find out eventually,but at least i
could still dream on,even if for one more
day,with a goddess showing me the path.

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