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I was dressing up for Babatunde when Ifeoluwa came inside with her face full of smiles.
“This one that you are laughing, have you finally found a boyfriend” I teased.
“No be only boyfriend, na man friend” she teased back and we both laughed. “I went to town and I saw an advert that a telecommunication company is hosting a scholarship exam very soon, the winner will get a scholarship in university of ilorin till she graduates, there will also be house allowance, feeding allowance, clothing and many more allowances every semester so I decided to buy the form so as to give it a shot” she narrated as she passed me the form and receipt.
“Ohh my dear friend, when is the exam” I asked after reading the contents of the form.
“Next tomorrow”
“Please go and start preparing oh, you must get that scholarship by all means, if only I had some money, I would have purchased the form too” I said with a sober look.
“Errm if only you can cook me that your special Efo riro (vegetable) and pound yam for me then I might perform some magic to duplicate the form I have” she joked.
“Olodo, Pounded and Efo that is already in the kitchen, better go and take it before it gets cold” I replied smiling and she ran to the kitchen to see if was telling the truth, she came back with a plate of pounded yam and joy was written all over her face.
“You too like food joor” I said jokingly.
“If you insult me again, I will not give you this form anymore” she replied as she stretched another form to me.

“You got me a form” I screamed and hugged her almost pouring her food away “if you pour my pounded yam away, I will tear your form” she screamed back and we both laughed.

The for the exam came as anticipated, I and Ifeoluwa hadn’t slept a blink ever since we started preparing for the exam which was our last pinch of hope, if we missed the opportunity to pass this exam then we could at least bid education goodbye forever, I told Desmond and Sandra about the exam and they were very happy and hopeful about it. As I was about stepping out to go and hurry Ifeoluwa up so we wouldn’t miss the bus going to ilorin, I saw a car zoom into the compound, I did a short prayer that the people in the car shouldn’t bring bad news like the bankers that came that other day, as they were about to alight, Ifeoluwa showed up again, I was beginning to get a deja vu feeling because it was just like it happened with the bankers, them dropping from the car and Ifeoluwa showing up, I braced myself for the worst. To my surprise, it was Desmond that drove the car and Sandra at the passenger’s seat. I screamed with joy because it has been awhile I saw the both of them, Ifeoluwa also came closer and we all greeted each other with hugs and smiles.
“Are you guys ready, I came to pick you people for the scholarship exam” Desmond said.
“Desmond is this your car” I asked in a surprising tone.
“Yeah my dad got it for me after I did very well in my first year in school” he replied him and I went to hug him again to congratulate him, Ifeoluwa did the same.
“You guys better save the hugging till after your exams” Sandra shouted and we immediately ran inside the car and we drove to ilorin.

The exams wasn’t really what I and Ifeoluwa planned for, it was far more difficult. Right inside the exam hall, I had already given up the last hope we had, after the exams, Desmond and Sandra came to pick us up, when they saw how sad I and Ifeoluwa looked they didn’t bother to ask us how the exam was because the answer was written all over our faces. We drove back to ilorin in total silence, the journey back to the village reminded me of my last moments with my parents, I couldn’t help shedding a tear or two, only Desmond who kept starring at me through the rear mirror noticed but he didn’t say anything. The journey seemed faster than usual, we said our goodbyes as Desmond and Sandra said they had to get back to school immediately.
“Juliet” Desmond called me back as I was about to enter the house, Ifeoluwa had already left for her house and Sandra was back in the car.
“Remember that thing I said I wanted to tell you whenever we meet again? ” he asked.
“Yes” I replied in a cheerful tone trying to conceal my sadness.
“I planned to tell you today but I guess I can’t anymore given the fact about how the exam has weighed you down” he said.
“Noo it’s fine, you can tell me” I tried to convince him.
“It’s fine, I will just tell you some other time” he replied and got into the car and drove off.

I went inside and saw Babatunde lying beside Mama, they were both sleeping, when I saw Babatunde’s face, once again I forgot all the sorrows the exam caused me because all I saw hin sleeping face is joy and hope.

The next days weren’t has interesting as it used to be, Ifeoluwa hasn’t been to my place ever since the day of the exam, I decided to go and check on her but as I got out, I saw Desmond’s car coming un, my heart tinged for joy at seeing a good friend.
“Going out “he asked as he got out of his car.
“Yeah I was but it can wait, where’s Sandra?”
“Oh Sandra travelled to her parents place, she should be back in two days” he replied and stared directly into my eyes “I have two things to tell you, one is a good news and the other is the thing have always wanted to tell you. So which one should I say first”.
“Errmm the good news first, it’s been a while I got a good news” I replied.
“Okay the good news is that You and Ifeoluwa passed the scholarship exam” he shouted.

Immediately I started jumping for joy, I hugged and immediately ran to Ifeoluwa’s house and told her the news, she almost went mad out of happiness, we both went back to my house to meet Desmond but he already left. I was surprised he had to leave so soon and I decided to call him.
“Hello Desmond, why did you leave without saying goodbye” I asked him after he picked up the call.
“Juliet am so sorry, I got an emergency call from school, a test is starting very soon” he replied.
“And the thing you wanted to tell me? ”
“Don’t worry, I will tell you some other time, I can’t talk while driving” he replied again.
“Okay let me know when you get to ilorin ” I spoke softly.
“No problem, congratulations to you and Ifeoluwa o, you guys should start preparing for jamb, post ume and blah blah” he said laughing and terminated the call. I smiled and wonder what was the important thing he wants to tell me but then again I remember that we got the scholarship and Happiness be clouded me***

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