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Few weeks after the burial and I was still yet to really convince myself that my parents were gone for real, there was no coming back for them. The only place I could see them now is in my dreams, even after their deaths their advises still keeps ringing in my brain, the promise I made to them about being successful will never go unfulfilled. I was determined to pursue my education and be successful in life. Desmond And Sandra hadn’t stopped calling me ever since they left after the weekend of the burial, they always kept on calling to be sure that I wasn’t thinking too much and to make sure they make Ifeoluwa force me to eat every day. Ifeoluwa has been one of the nicest people have ever seen in my life, she has been helping I and Mama selflessly, I was glad that she was there with me.

Most times she will always keep me company, especially when she start to explain to me how interesting studying Law is, she practically made me fall in love with studying Law to the extent that I decided to study law anytime I go back home school.

On a very quiet Friday, I was seating in front of Mama’s house when a car parked right in front of me, I was already too heavy to stand up or do anything in a hurry as expected delivery date was just around the corner, two people alighted from the car, a boy and a girl, both of them dressed corporately, immediately Ifeoluwa saw them from inside she came outside and I told her to help me get to ny feet.
“Good afternoon ma’am” they both said.
“Good afternoon , am not sure have seen these faces before ” I replied.
“First of all, we will like to sympathise with you about the death of your parents” the corporate looking girl said and paused to stare at the corporate looking boy “My name is Adams King and she is Adewunmi Daniels, we are from the Adline Bank” he explained.
“Okay? ” I replied getting really impatient.
“We are here to officially inform you that all of your Father’s properties and business has been taken over by the bank because he used it all as a collateral for the last loan he obtained from us and unfortunately wasn’t able to pay back…….” the guy went on and on but I could only see his lips moving, I couldn’t hear anymore, I couldn’t take it anymore, that was my last hope, how was I supposed to pursue my education if all my dad’s business and properties has been taken away, my world has come crashing down all over again, at that moment I wondered if I was the cursed one or it was the baby in my womb that was causing all the misfortunes. As soon as the guy stopped talking, I wanted to at least say something to acknowledged all he had said even though I didn’t, I was about to ask him how he could be of help when I felt a sharp pain in my belly, it was a force labour. Ifeoluwa with help from the bankers rushed me inside and she ran to call Mama.

Mama also sent for all her Agbebi (mid wives) team, she started of by giving me some concoctions and some herbal mixture, as soon as her team was completed, they proceeded with the labour process. It took several hours of crying, pushing, sweating, shouting and me cursing Gbenga before finally the baby came out, all I could hear before passing out were the lovely cries of the baby, that was my compensation for all I have went through during labour. I didn’t know how long I was out before waking up but when I woke I found Ifeoluwa, Desmond and Sandra right beside me. “Where’s my baby was the first thing I asked” at that moment Mama emerged from her room with the baby in her hand, she was full of smiles as she was staring at the baby. “He is indeed Babatunde, he looks exactly like your father when he was an infant” she said as she handed over the baby to me. I held him in my hands and when I saw his pretty little face, I forgot about all my sorrows, the joy of being a mother overwhelmed me. “He shall be called Babatunde” I said.

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