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Must Read: Spiritual Marriage
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Charity called me in told her that I cant make it again, she asked me were I was I told her that am in my lodge! Before five minutes she arrived, I opened the door for her, she was with a bible and a small polythene bag which I managed to peep into, the content I wont tell you, or let me just tell you because of one to which I wont like to tell you.

The content of the bag was food stuffs! She entered dropped her bag and ask me if I love her, I said yes
Charity: can you prove it!

Me: why not, I can prove it hundred times, I love ypu with all my heart.

Charity: okay! *** plant a kiss on my lips*** I will spend the night here with you.

Me: okay! No problem, you are highly welcomed.

I was so happy but when I remembered the invitation I was a bit unconfortable, she noticed it and asked me what is wrong with me, I told her nothing that am fine.

She said she had something to discuss with me!

She satarted “I had a revealation on how you a destined to die young, and with the look of things i see it coming very fast, last night I my dream the revealation came again, this time we all in our department went to your village to witness your funeral”
Charity: do you know anybody called Joyce.

Me: yes, and why do you ask.

Charity: in my dream I was meant to understand that she was the one that lead you to your death.

***speaking in tongues*** let is cover our whole being with the blood of Jesus, am having the feeling that some evil forces are around us!

Come to fear, make she no die for my room oh!, was what in my mind, she prayed like five minutes and then continued with her question.
Charity: who is she to you?

Me: is a secret, sorry I cant tell you, it is dangerous if you hear her.

Charity: well, just asking you to know if you can open up to me, I can see that you don’t love me as you claimed

Me: no sweet, I love you and don’t want you to die, if I tell you about her you will not live to go back to your lodge.

Charity: the spirit of God dweals in me, I know for sure nothing will happen to me.

Me: am not even safe if I tell you who she is.

Charity: as far as am here, you are safe, do you know how manhy times she had attacked me, but all thanks to God almighty am always am overcomer. This place is covered with the blood of Jesus nothing by ant means can harm us.
She persuaded me till I opened up to her, I told her all she wanted to know, she thanked me and t0ld me that I have just started the first step of my deliverance if I coorperate with her .

She told me that our relationship,is divine that is why she used to look at me back then, but don’t know how I will feel if she had come up to me for friendship, but thank God we are together today, am the reason for that must be in Jesus name.
Amen. I said.

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