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Must Read: Poetic Heart - Season 1 - Episode 4
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And so, I said yes.

He was ecstatic, while I felt like Mother Theresa – bringing hope to the weary. He attempted to kiss me, nope, I wasn’t that cheerful. We parted that day with him feeling like he had won a lottery and me, feeling like I had just gotten twenty bags of Dangote cement placed on my shoulders.

I remember thinking,this must be what heroism feels like…draining, yet satisfying.

We chatted constantly from then on, mostly with him telling me of the heartaches he had to suffer as a result of the fake friends he amassed due to his Dad’s wealth, and how he had had to move away from home because he couldn’t stand the philandering behavior of his father.

It wasn’t until five days later when I had gone to check my results that the bubble burst. I ran into Jethro, a family friend of ours. He too had come to check his. We both made it, and so we decided cheering ourselves with a plate of ice-cream wasn’t out of place.

We strolled toCrunches, which happened to be about five-minutes-walk from the cyber café. Getting in, of all the people to run into, it was Kelechi.

He wasn’t alone, resting snugly beside him was a girl not much older than myself.

I was about to walk up to him, when Jethro noticing the direction I was staring,
went: “Bad guy, whatsup nah, it don tay o!”

Kelechi looked momentarily lost but was quick enough. Standing up, he nodded curtly at me and hammered a thundering high five to the
outstretched hand of Jethro. “My man, I dey.”

He looked at me, smiled and turned to
Jethro. “This your babe fine o.”

I wondered if I had developed eye problem but was only just then noticing it.

“She’s my friend, more like a younger sister.” He nodded at the seated figure beside us, she waved. “Your chikito fine too sha.”

“You know me na.”


Jethro turned and stared at me, “You know him?”

Kelechi stared confusedly at me, and then as if recalling something. “Bros, she must be referring to Ken.”

“Who’s Ken” Jethro asked.

“My twin.”

“Twin keh,” Jethro repeated incredulously.

That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I grabbed Jethro’s hand and drew him tagging behind me. When we got out of the building, the first thing he said was, “That dude would never change.” He turned to me, “Oya spill.”

Spill I did, and we didn’t get the Ice-cream later on because if we had, Jethro would definitely have choked to death.

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