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Must Read: Painful Regret - Season 1 - Episode 9
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\Two years later\

john is seen in Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) , Lagos. He came back home after Two years. He still haven’t forget about them especially her. All that happens stuck in his head and not for once disappear. He remember them all…………

John rushed back home after he knows who killed his father. He told natalie,mary and linda all he sees and hear.
John: So senator patrick and deputy governor killed my dad
Natalie: Then,they will also be coming for us bro
John: Thats it we are leaving this country next tomorrow
Linda: That will be good, people are very wicked oo
Mary: Then when will you return?
John: not sure,mom should have arrive from dubai,what wrong
/—:his phone ring:—-/
John: Hello, segun what you want again?
Segun: You care to switch on the tv? bad news is waiting for you dude **hang up**
John switched on the TV and saw “airplane traveling from dubai to nigeria crashed this morning” boldly written on the screen.
He screamed and fainted

**next day**

Governor clement was buried. Its only John and natalie now. They were sitting together in the sitting room mourning their deceased parent.

John suddenly stood up and head for radio station.

John: I am john clement and as you all know my father is dead now though he was poisoned by some who claims to be friends and As you all know he was killed,am here to reveal their names. They are….(his phone beeped)

The message says“say that and natalie dies”
–he continue–. They are someone that will soon be punished by law. Good day
He rushed out with fire speed,enter his car and drove home recklessly.

He [email protected] the door and open it with full force. He saw natalie sleeping on the couch. He sighed and walk closely “i wont loose you also nat” he murmured,stroking her hair, then he kissed her in the forehead and sat beside her.

Mary is seen in a corner near john apartment calling someone
Mary: He said he is moving out of this country tomorrow
Person: we will be there tonight
Mary: Just follow your plan and dont kill him or his sister, you only needs documents.
**hang up**
**same day**
**john’s apartment**

Mary,john and natalie sat down quietly,their eyes fixed on TV screen. Suddenly Three men broke in,they were wearing mask. They collected all his father documents and about leaving when two of them face back and pulled up their mask,lo and behold it was thomas and segun.
John: **suprised** Thomas. Whaaa.
Thomas: **laughs** John am not a friend fom the beginning.

He aimed his pistol towards john and then pulled the trigger,from nowhere appeared tope who use her body as the bulletproof for john and fell.

John & segun: Tope **they both chorused**
Tope: [B] **smile** atleast i showed you how much i loved you
He stood up angrily and was smacking thomas when he was shot in the arm by segun, then everything went blank
He woke up in the morning,his shirt soaked with blood, but to his surprise. Mary,tope and natalie are nowhere to be found

His eyes were soaked with tears already. A lady tapped him from behind.
Lady: Gentleman hope there is nothing wrong, have been tapping you since.
John: Am sorry **tears rolled down his cheek**
Lady: Oh,whats wrong **brought out her handkerchief and gave him** Am sandra
John: John

He wiped off his tears and brought out his id card from the pocket
“us army” boldly written on the id card……….


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