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Must Read: Painful Regret - Season 1 - Episode 8
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••April 21,2012••

John is seen in the sitting room with linda. Linda and john are friends since their childhood,they both attend same primary and same secondary school. Linda loves john and she has waited for years to hear “i love you from john”, she cant wait again so she is fully prepared to tell him herself.
Linda: i heard you were beating to flat because of a girl *laughs*
John: *smile* wanna protect her, i tried to be agent val but that dose not work out
Linda: *smile* so you mean she is your clara?
John: *bow down his head,covering his face with his hand* yes, but i cant protect her
Linda: Not your fault john, we need to talk john
John: I know what you are going to say linda,you are hurt,yes i knew that but……(his phone rang”doctor mark”)
Doctor mark: John,are you alone?
John: Doctor mark(their family doctor) *looked at linda’s face* am alone
Doctor mark: Governor clement, i mean your father is dead john,he was poisoned,whoever did this is out there looking for you john. We found a letter in his pocket which says “we are coming for you all”. Becareful john

*hang up*
“Joooooohnnnn” linda shouted
»»20minutes later««
Doctor mark,john,natalie,linda and mary is seen in the sitting room
Doctor: you have to be strong john,i think i knew who did this

John: who?
Doctor: Not here, lets talk about it tonight at my place john, farewell *he walked out*
Mary: she has being released, Tope has being released
John: where is she?
Mary: Outside waiting for you
John stood up and ran out with great speed, he saw Tope in the compound standing like a statue, she is not smiling or happy,seems she wants to end it with john.
John: Tope
Tope: *finally smiling,tears rolling down her cheek* John look, we are not meant to be, am ending my relationship with you today *shaky voice*
John: what,why? *he shouted
She turned back, she wept as she walked out of the compound. She remember how they threatened to kill john if she did not end their relationship. segun is seen outside beside his car waiting for her.

John fell to his kneel with tears in his eyes,he watched how the love of his life walked out

[B] •»8:15pm«•
Same day

John entered his car, and head to doctor marks apartment. He got there to see his gate widely opened, he parked his car and went in. He knocked the door and later enter after knocking for like 3minutes.

“Doctor mark” he called..he dashed upstairs and enter his room to see doctor mark dead body in the pool of blood on the floor and a pistol in his hand. He saw a small note placed on his bed which says“John am very sorry, i was the one that poisoned your father, its was not my fault, they threatened to kill my family if i failed to cooperate,look into my wardrobe,leftside under a white cloth,you will find my diary, the killers name is there, am sorry john”. He quickly opened his wardrobe brought the diary and was so shock of what he saw
“This cant be” john shouted
They are…………

Deputy governor is seen in his house with senator patrick. They were sharing drink and cheering. Its unknown yet,but it seems they killed the governor.
Deputy G: If not for your idea and help,my dream to become the governor will never come true, thanks man *they shook hands*
Patrick: Clement dose not know we are the one in power and he dose not realise politician without power is likely to die young. He seems to be learning his lesson in hell now *laugh out loud*
Deputy G: What about his son?
Patrick: *smile* . there is a girl to carry out the job, but we will have to be patient. *he sipped from a glass cup*
Deputy G: who is this girl we are talking about

Who did you think will be?
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