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Must Read: Painful Regret - Season 1 - Episode 11
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John and sandra enter the restaurant. mary is seen in a restaurant. A bottle of coke with glass cup is also seen on the table. Mary kept looking around,no one knows the reason why. “john” she called.

Mary: Where have you been all this time? thought you’ve died until i heard you are alive from segun and he is planning something bad for you because he knows tope may regain her memory if she kept seeing you.

John: How did he know?

Sandra: We should travel back abroad and be living a happy life together john
John: not without my sister
Mary: Your sister has been turn to house maid and i don’t trust that beast patrick,he would have been dipping his c--k into her hole. All this is my fault,i caused it all *she buried her head in her palm*
John: How?
Mary: I betrayed my friend who dosent even recognize me again and you who i thought we are going make a good family. Its all my fault,please forgive me john.

Sandra: Forgive you?
John: the deed has already been done,we should be looking for solution
Mary: I know someone who is willing to help us
John: who?
Mary: My dad’s friend is an officer. we only need an evidence john
John: I have an evidence with me and i also have an idea. T….
Mary: I think we should talk outside
“i’ll be right back sandra”
they both went outside
ᄏat nightᆱ
John and sandra is seen in john’s bedroom. John sat on the bed wearing only boxer and his eyes glued to his laptop screen placed on the bed.

Sandra undressed in front of john, she was so beautiful without cloth, Her kim kardashian figure 8 kept bouncing has she walked towards the bathroom. John cant stop staring, he then realise his stick has become more harder than rock.

He la!d on the bed as to cover his strOng hard d--k.

About 2mins later, Sandra walked in,she tied towel this time and sat beside john.

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Sandra: I hate that movie “THE RAID”
John: *smiled* Let me stop it
He switched off the laptop and stand up to place the laptop on the small table beside his bed,he stand to see his d--k almost tearing his boxer
Sandra: The guy is dieing of hunger
John: what guy?

She pointed at his d--k,before he knew it,she untied the towel which left her totally naked.

In no time they found themselves on the bed
“Light faded”
John woke up the next day to see sandra sleeping in his arm quietly. He then remember his conversion with mary

ᄏᄏ15 hours agoᆱᆱ
Mary: so what’s your idea
John: why did you call me out here?
Mary: Segun told me he has someone beside you who is spying on all your move and i don’t trust that girl sandra.
John: Kelvin is really something.

Mary: So what’s your idea or let me say plan
John: You have to go back to him and tell him that am planning to kill him two days after his wedding with tope. I know him,he will come looking for me,not to talk but to kill me first,we have to tell your dad’s friend about this plan. He will have to give me five police which will be disguising as my friend.

Mary: You know about his wedding? Don’t tell me you’ve already met with tope
John: I have though she doesn’t remember me instead she gave me an invitation card to her wedding with tope
Mary: Poor girl,not knowing she is getting married to a beast. You sure this plan will work?
John: We have to try mary
Mary: Thats no problem. We don’t know if sandra is the girl segun is talking about but for now you have to do everything in your power to convince her you love her,if she want s-x,then you have to f--k her even harder.

“John” sandra called jolting him off his thought.
Sandra: What are you thinking?
John: Am thinking about you,look i knew i hurt you and i realize that i was loving a wrong person,you are the right woman for me.

She smiled,in no time their lip met and they went on many rounds of hot s-x. They both la!d on the bed very tired.

Sandra later stand up and walked into bathroom putting her phone on the bed. Suddenly her phone beeped,john took it and checked the message.
It says:
“it seems you in love with him,you haven’t called or text since last two days. Okay you know am getting hitched with tope next week tuesday,make sure he dosnt attend. Thats all” from “mechanic”. He was so confuse, then he later realise mary’s guess is right.
He will have to go on with his plan because it dosent looks like sandra is spying on him anymore. He sighed and took his phone……

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