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Must Read: NYSC Tale: A Clarion Call To Confusion (18+)
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The following day, Friday, after work. I had wanted to go and see Purity but decided to go home and freshen up first. IJ had left earlier to the market so I had to walk home alone.

As I approached my compound, I perceived a familiar fragrance in the air but couldn’t place where or who I have met wearing that.

Walking into my compound the fragrance trailed me and just as I took a bend heading towards my room, behold the least person I had expected to see sitting in front of my room looking at me. Just them I remembered the owner of the fragrance.

I stopped in my track, stunned, while on sighting me she stood up. Our eyes met and locked as none of us moved a muscle.

Memories flowed back in a swift as we said words with our eyes. It wasn’t long before her eyes started getting misty. I recovered myself and proceeded on to my door to meet her.

She stood still with clouded eyes till I got to her and took her into an embrace and just them the cloud of her eyes opened and the tears rained down. As she cried, my eyes got misty too but I fought back the tears from dropping. I could feel my shoulder soaked up by her tears as I rocked her gently. We hugged in the silence as she sniffed amidst tearing, as we were in that position for a while before I opened my door and led her inside.

Inside, we both sat on the bed, her head on my shoulder my hand around her waist staring into the space saying nothing.

“How are you?” I asked breaking the silence.

She nodded without a word dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

“Purity I’m sorry.” She said after another long silence.

“Shhhhh!!! It’s ok.”

“I kept getting a message. I didn’t know what to believe anymore.” She continued, tears gathering in her eyes again.

“What message?”

“Someone or rather a number kept sending me a message,” she started drawing her bag closer. She pulled out her phone, opened the message box and handed it over to me.

I collected the phone and it was a long conversation of messages.

The sender maintained a particular line,
‘Your boyfriend is a cheat, beware of the girls around him. Don’t trust him’
‘Your boy friend is a cheat, beware of the girls around him, don’t trust him. Call him now he is with another girl.’

It was about thirty messages with similar contents.

“ Since when has this been happening?”

I don’t know, it’s over three months now.”

“And you never cared to confront or talk to me about it?”

“And tell you what? I didn’t believe it at first but when it kept coming I tried to get in touch with the number but it was always switched off. I didn’t know what to believe again.

I couldn’t have just come out and started accusing you based on some messages from someone I don’t know.”

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