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Must Read: Nothing like love [Completed] - Season 2 - Episode 8
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Am preying too much. …but am concerned.
About what?

I know you have a burden, but I want you to know you can tell it to God,and also I know someone who you could tell your isues to,his a specialists in doing this.

Am not interested. ..Please get out…


Wuyep what’s the matter? Frey’s mother asked concerned.

Mama my marriage is at stake.He said with his hands on his head

Ha…wuyeb,don’t talk like that.what happened? Where is your wife?

Mama she left me,and am the cause.
What did you do my son? Remember I told you marriage is not a bed of roses,you two should seat and talk like matured adults.

Mama this is different’…am infertile.

What? Wupeb don’t you say that again. ..I rebuke such words.

But is true mama,have known for 2years.

Ehh…..they’ve succeded,the enemies in my village have finally succeded…in making my only son infertile.Am finished.

She screamed wailing on the floor


So what position do you want? He said looking at with lustfully’

Secretary’…I want to be the Secretary of your boss.

Consider that done angel’…but you know that’s not a position one can easily get”
Atleast not with me…have done all you asked of you just have to give me what I want”

Well one more time,he said licking his lips.
Betty was disgusted. can a man old enough to be her father behave this way’
She pulled the duvet over her unclad body’

That’s what I want…he moved closer to her .

Betty closed her eyes as tears trickled down her eyes”

Okay she said and let him have his way’


How was your day? the young doctor asked sarah’

it was okay…except the fact that I still didn’t find a job.

that’s okay…atleast you look cheerful today.
yes doctor.

Don’t worry,I’ll look for one for you.

Thanks doc.

I hope you don’t mind been a nanny?
not at all,beside I love children.

okay’…he said as he thought of the Richard’s family. He was sure they will be needing a nanny expecially now that Richard has been transferred to Abuja.He would just ask the next time they come for their monthly checkup.

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