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Must Read: Nothing like love [Completed] - Season 2 - Episode 18
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As Mitchell carried the todler in her arms,she wished he was hers’.She had turned the orphanage to her second home, despite her busy schedule she made sure she checked on the children,assisting them in her own way..many of the children had gotten used to her visits, she always got present for them expecially the todlers”

Baby…she handed over the little todler to her husband who had just arrived’
How was work today?she asked him.

Fine my love’…have come to pick you up, we can do this on

Okay love.she said beaming with smiles.
She pecked the todler on his forehead before bringing him down.

Honey do you want to keep this one? I mean adopt him.

Mitchell looked at the baby tenderly before nodding in affirmative.

Okay…we will go about the processes.
Mitchell hugged him happily”

Thanks baby. .am so happy,I can’t wait to be called “mummy” she said as tears trickled down her eyes’

Me too love…I love the sound of papa and please don’t cry honey he said placing soft kisses on her forehead when they had disengaged.

Thank you for giving me another chance.
She smiled in between her tears before saying “anything for you love”.


She walked gently inside the club, she could see many eyes focusing their gazes on her…some had even undressed her shamelessly with their eyes.she dailed a number and placed her phone on her lap…As much as she didn’t want to think, she found herself thinking about him,tears splitting from her eyes ruining her makeup.

A huge guy walked upto her and sat uninvited. .hello sexy’ he said flashing his brown coloured teeth at her.

What a pretty lady doing all by herself. Tare kep
mute..he last thing on her mind was responding to this huge guy’s questions.

Yet he kept pestering her with questions like am good in bed..I could show you how,should we get a room?

Tired of the unwanted pest she waved her fingers at him,displaying her diamond wedding ring’

He got the message and left but not after licking his lips lustfully’


sis are you okay? Good heavens you are crying? what wrong? why are you here of all places?

Please moses,enough of the questions.Be a gentle man and get the orders.

But sis…

not but..

He stood up and left for their orders.
He ordered only a bottle of water…he had no intention to drink not with his sister’s look.But had ordered an achoholic wine for her based on her command’
is your husband hurting you?

my marriage is fine am regretting why I invited you over she said angrily.

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