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Must Read: Nothing like love [Completed] - Season 2 - Episode 13
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2days later

Tare emptied her bowels, she readjusted her brown skirt and made for the door only to see an angry husband in her office’

Richard? She asked suprised.Is there a problem? When did you come back?
Richard had left the previous day for Abuja..seeing him in her office got her quite surprised.

How long has this been going on? He said throwing the envelope at her.All the contents fell…sending fear into her system.

Tell me…Richard yelled.

All her life, she had never seen him that angry..he scolded her on rare occasions propably for her own safety’

Have you suddenly lost your ability to speak…come on you’v been cheating on me all this while and have been too blind to wonder you convinced me to leave so you could have freedom with your lover…

He could see tears trickle down her eyes but he didn’t care’..she had hurt him..After all the trust he had for her…Tare stood motionless and mute.Maybe she had lost her ability to speak..her tears fell at ease as she watched her husband accuse her fasely’.
She saw him walk towards the door’..he was leaving without even hearing from her’
Ri…ch..ard she stammered’

Without taking a glance at her he opened the door and left’.She slumped into her seat as she sobbed loudly’


Mummy”…pearl screamed and ran into Tare’s arms.

Baby how was school?
Fine mum, nanny made my favourite. …and am all full.

Okay love, mummy have to rest okay.
Mummy are you crying?

Pearl asked when tears trickled down Tare’
No baby,something entered my eyes’….an insect.

What?? pearl shouted frightened’
yes. ..mummy have to rest now, take care my love.She said planting a kiss on her forehead’

she made for her room and colasped on the bed.

sorry for the short update,just felt I should drop something. .since I don’t know when next I would update.

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