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Must Read: Nothing like love [Completed] - Season 2 - Episode 12
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Tare couldn’t understand why she found pearl’s nanny so interesting to be with’…surprisingly her little angel had gotten pretty comfortable with just spending 2hours with her.Sarah as she had earlier introduced herself was a calm and lovable person, though she wasn’t a talkative and her poems seemed to be outdated’ but something seemed to be familiar about her’..”her eyes”.Those big brown beautiful eyes had the look of husband’s. .she couldn’t forget them because they were one of the charms that attracted her to Richard’.

Hi love’…Richard said distracting her thoughts.

Sweatie pie…you are back already?
She said sweatly.

Richard had left earlier to see his mum..
Yes…had to leave mum to get some rest, she’ll be leaving for Dubai tomorrow’
Okay,how’s dad?

Our old man is fine.’s pearl adjusting to her nanny?

They are getting along pretty well,pearl seem to love her’

That nice,I got a ticket for us, let’s go watch a movie’

Wow…that’ll be awesome.

Get dressed let’s get moving’…don’t spend less than an hour oo he said after her…
Tare winked at him…as she gigled happily’
.While he settled on the sofa playing with the tv stations’


That’s bad. …so what happened to tortoise? Pearl asked trying to fight the sleep in her eyes’

I told you how cunning he is right?
Pearl noded in affirmative. he decieved the dog into showing him were he hid all his goods’

Ahhh,that’s so bad of what happened?

dearie…you’v yawned thrice already,you need to get some sleep’

ha…but I don’t go to bed with an incomplete story’ she said frowning
please dearie, I’ll complete it tomorrow’
promise? ..

Pearl brought out her middle finger and asked sarah to do same.

And what’s this for? sarah asked confused.
it’s a deal nanny’…this means no one backs out.

Really’..she asked suprised by the little girl’s intelligence.

yes nanny” I can go to bed now. .

Alright”…she said pulling the blanket over her.

Goodnight nanny”
Goodnight baby pearl’


she was forced to open the door when the sobbing grew louder..

This time Mitchell cried in her arms..
What’s going on with you?…she asked concerned.

Am a bad daughter, and most expecially a bad wife’…I realised I have never been fair to people in my life, have only thought of myself. Am selfish, I guess Vannesa changed because I pushed her to it…I was never a good daughter, I abandoned my mother because I never wanted my name dragged in the mud….and my husband, I left him when he needed me most.I hate myself…but I hate life more”
please …don’t say that, it’s never too late to make ammends.

it’s ….would frey ever accept me back?


Betty couldn’t understand why she found herself checking Richard Ayiba-emi’s pictures repeatedly on Facebook..she envied his wife,she wasn’t even pretty enough to deserve such god’…his killer looks made her shivered.She remembered when things had been good for her, when her parents hadn’t died…she would use her weekly pocket money to buy his paintings”…but things were different now,they were more expensive that she couldn’t afford buying even one. .maybe it wasn’t all about pleasing V’..she had fallen for him.

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