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Must Read: MY MOTHER IN-LAW - Season 1 - Episode 42
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I entered her room,
and greeted her
With a low voice.
She gave me instruction not to let her company down.
After much advice and caution,
I left her room and was a little bit happy.
When she had prepared to go,
I came down to see her off to her car.
She called Bimpe our house girl to take care of the house and keep everywhere tidy.
Bimpe entered the house,
Lady pat told me to enter her car and I entered.
Lady Pat: Baby boy,,
Sharp shooter. Give me a warm kiss before I go.** I slight my mouth on hers and both of us closed our eyes to feel the s£nsat!on.
My d–k was busy nodding but I didnt even care.
We cuddled each other as we’re kissing for like 10mins before we disengaged ourselves.
I looked at her,
“Safe trip” I said.
“Thank you”
She replied .
I came down from the car and waved at her.
I told Musa to open the gate for her and she drove off.
I entered inside the house and I saw Bimpe as she was cleaning the sitting room.
My d–k was still hard after the kiss I had
with Lady Pat.
I wanted to stay at the entrance of the parlour to watch her but on the other hand ,
I didn’t want to commit myself with Bimpe
to avoid insult.
I entered and walked straight to my room and lay down to know if
My body would be calm.
Some minutes later,
My d–k was calm and I entered the bathroom to take my shower and go to work.

I entered and after taking my shower,
I didn’t t tie towel on my waist because the bathroom was also inside my room so I wore pant and

hung my towel on my neck and opened the bathroom door and I saw Bimpe inside my room mopping the floor.
I closed the door and tied the towel on my waist and opened the door.
ME:Bimpe, why are you mopping here while you know am still inside the room.
Bimpe: oga, please,
I dont know you’re inside here.
ME: clean the one you’ve mopped and go , then you come back and finish it.
Bimpe: Ok sir!
**I started robbing cream on my body slowly in order for her to go.
As she was cleaning,
She was also looking at me but she thought I didn’t know.
She left my room and I pulled
the towel and my pant off to rob cream all over my body.
I was seated on my bed as I was doing that.
Soon Bimpe opened the door and entered.
I quickly used my pillow and covered my laps.
Me: **With annoyance** Bimpe,
are you stupid? Can’t you knock before entering?
What kind of human being are you?
Bimpe: Please sir, am sorry…
Me: what did you come here to do?
Bimpe: I forgot my mop…

ME: you forget your mop so you can’t wait till am through or you knock, and
Besides, you haven’t finished mopping this room.
Bimpe: I want to use it and mop the kitchen as am still waiting for you sir.
ME: Take it and go and let today be the first and last you’ll ever enter this room without knocking.
I hope you heard what I said?
Bimpe: yes sir, I won’t do that again.
**she picked the mop and as she was going out,
I called her back and told her to make tea for me and she should be fast.
She left and I continued with what l was doing.
Some minutes later,
She knocked at the door and I told her to come in.
By then I had dressed up and was wearing my wrist watch.
Bimpe: **she dropped it on the table ** sir it’s ready.
ME: alright. Emm! Bimpe,
If there is anything that is lacking in this house,.don’t fail to lemme know.
Bimpe: Yes sir.
ME: You can go now.
**she left and I took the tea.
I left the house to work.
When I got to the office,
I called My wife to know how she was fairing.
ME: sweethrt I’ve missed you a lot.
Jummy: I missed you die.
Me: please, try and come back, I need you most most sweethrt.
Jummy: I need you more than you do….
Me: How is our baby doing today?
Jummy: our baby is bouncing well as the doctor I visited the previous day said.

Me: please come back quick.
Jummy: I’ll come back soon so that you’ll pump our baby.
** both of us laughed **
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