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I was shocked when she
said that.
ME: what do you mean that you’re pregnant?
Are you kidding me or what?
Madam: kidding you? **She brought out the result and handed it to me.
I took a glanced look at it.
She was one month pregnant according to what I saw there.
I looked at her and the paper the second time.
I was speechless because i don’t know what to say.
I dropped the
paper on the bed and used my two palms to support my cheeks.
Both of us were muted,
If I look at her,
She’ll look at me back.
After some minutes of silent, I decided to break the silent and act like a man.
Me: But I thought you’ve reach the mini pox stage,
how come you’re pregnant?
MADAM: who am I to answer that question!
What we should be asking ourselves is the way out..
ME: But why are you not taking abortion peal as other women do after s-x.
Madam: I don’t know about that.
Why didn’t you tell me something like that before now.
ME: Am I suppose to tell you how to prevent pregnancy.
Madam: Are you putting the blame on me for what you and I enjoyed?
Me: I’m not but you should’ve know this as a woman who is having extra-marital affair.

I think , the only option left for us is to abort this baby because I cant stand the same of having two babies from mother and daughter.
Madam: I’ll travel outside the country for the abortion so that it’ll be properly done.
Dont let anybody know about this.
My prayer is that,
I will not die in the process.
Me: Nothing will happen to you

She told me that she’ll travel to the village in the morning to pick the house girl she told me about.
she left my room and I was so confused on what to do.
” I told this woman to leave me alone but she didn’t listen.
I couldn’t even eat anything that day till the next day been Monday.
She prepared early in the morning and called me.
I came down to see her.
She told me that she is off to the village,
that I should take care of the house and office.
She pecked me before going out.
I looked at her in an annoying way but she didn’t find out.
I called the gate to open the gate for her.
She drove off.
As I was about to enter inside the house,
The gateman ran to me.
GATEMAN: uga! Gudu money!
Me: good morning… What’s it?
GATEMAN: uga! abeg,,, give ur motor key,
Make I wash am.
ME: dont worry, I cant wait for you , am almost late to work.

GATEMAN: uga! E be like say na you dey
marry madam dis one she kiss you.**smiled**
ME: ** My mind skipped as she said that.
“So this guy saw us” I said to myself.** what’s that your name?
ME: musa, go back to your post now!
**He ran back to the gate.
I entered inside the house and prepared immediately without eating and took my new car key and tears roll from my eyes.
I used my handkerchief and wiped it.
I moved down and enter my car.
I started it and told Musa to open the gate for me.
As I was going out,
He waved at me and told me to buy something for him while coming back.
“Is like this Musa is taking me
For granted.
I drove off.
When I got to the office,
I entered my new furnished office.
I looked around,
See air condition and a beautiful seat.
Everywhere has been tidied up.

I sat down and relaxed my mind a bit but still get hurt when I remember
Lady Pat’s pregnancy issue.
I placed a call to Val and told him to come to my new office and help me see things by himself.
Some minutes later,
He came to my office immediately and I explained how I was promoted and I also told him that he is now my assistant and his salary has increased to 100k per month.
He congratulated me, and we shook hands.
I placed a call to my officer attendant and told her to prepare a coffee for us.
Some minutes later,
She presented it to us.
We drank and have fun together.
Val left my office and i started with my work.
Started from that day,
all the workers in that company started honouring me.
Infact they see me as their second God.
On Wednesday,
My madam came back from the village with our house girl.
The girl is matured, like if am to guess her age,
She’ll be like 18 years old,,,
fair in complexion and has average height.
We started living together till when Lady pat want to travel.
She called me on phone to come to her room.
I looked for my iron pant and wore,,
I searched for my other iron pant and wore too.
I don’t want to give my d–k a breadthing space to avoid having s-x with her again.
Wearing two pants,
Will it solve the issue???
Find out…..

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