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Must Read: MY MOTHER IN-LAW - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Jummy left us,
We were living fine and nothing happened between us.
One day like that,
Been sunday,
I woke up very early in the morning to prepare for church,
That day I want to attend 7am mass and come back on time.
As I was going to the bathroom,
Lady pat called me and i rushed in with the towel I tied on my waist.
When I entered the sitting room,
I couldnt see her there so I moved to her room.
I knocked and she told me to come in.
I moved inside her room , when I got there
She was still lying on the bed covered herself with a blanket.
I greeted her and she told me to sit down.
I sat down looking at her.
My mind was just beating because I know that something is wrong somewhere.
MADAM: What are you doing?
ME: I want to prepare to church.
MADAM: okay,,, I want to go to village now to bring a house help that will be helping us to cook and clean the house and other things.
You can’t expect me or either you to be cleaning the house after work.
I think I must go and bring someone from the village.
ME: Thats a good idea ma’am.
MADAM: Just take care of the house and office, I’ll be back on Wednesday.
ME: There is no problem ma’am.
MADAM: secondly,
You’ve been promoted.
You can now assume the position of Manager in the company.
Your office has been decorated with most of your files there.
I was so suprised when she said that.
I cant just believe she can promote me so easily and faster.
I opened my mouth and was
Mopping at her like a morron.

I was speechless and I took the offer from her.
MADAM: igwe, there was a new car parked outside the compound,
It is yours and the key is your new office key.
Your new apartment are yet to be accompolished.
Your salary now is #200,000.
You’ll be the one paying all the workers their salaries but please dont joke with it.
I still have other plans for you.
Dont let my company to fall down,
Everything lies on your hands,
You can now make orders in the company but first of all,
Consult me before any other person.
As for Val,
He is now your assistant so both of you should be working hand to hand to improve the company.
Don’t make me regret ever promoting you.
ME: ** I knelt down with tears flowing from my cheek**
I don’t know how to thank you for being my saviour ever since I met you.
God will surely reward you more abundantly. Thank you so much!
MADAM: you’re welcome my dear.
ME: I wouldn’t pull this company down,
I’ll try my humanly effort to move this company forward and trust me,
You wouldn’t regret ever employing me in your company.
**I stood up and hugged her. She pecked me but I didnt respond.
As I turned to go,
She called me back**
MADAM: igwe, can you make me happy.
ME: Why not… what did you want me to do?
MADAM: Make me feel like a real woman.
I know that we’ve vowed not to engage in this but I can’t withstand seeing you around me.
ME: ma’am………
MADAM: shhhhh! ** she dragged me closer to her and my towel untied.
My d–k was was so cold so
She started rubbing my d–k till I gain erection.
I have no option than to give it to her the way she want it,
But before that,
I told her that am not going to have s-x with her but I’ll make her c-m.
She accepted and i started doing what I know how to do best.
I joined her in the bed and we used the
blanket and we covered ourselves.
I dipped
My hands inside her night wear and started fingering her so bad.
I unclad her under the blanket.
After fingering her,
I started massaging her from her back to her a-s.
I slide my finger inside her and she shook her waist.
I tried all I could to make her c-m but to no avail.
As I was doing that,
I was dieing emotionally because my d–k was so hard that it can break a wall.
I inserted my d–k and started f–king her from the back.
5mins later,
We changed style to missionary before I c-m inside her and she too.
We pulled the blanket off and we were sweating like a Christmas goat.
I moved out of her room with my towel to the bathroom to take my shower.
I was ashamed of myself for the act.
I couldnt go to church that day because my consent was whipping me so seriously.
After taking my shower,
I la!d inside my room thinking about what I did.
Before I could know what was going on,
I slept off and wake up by 3pm,
I decided to go around the compound.
As I came down,
I saw Lady Pat where she was coming out from her room.
I was surprised because she told me that she’ll travel to the village.
I asked her,
Why didnt
She go again and she told me that she is not feeling well after when I left her room.
“I’ve been vomitting since morning ,
I would’ve call you but I thought you went to church.
ME: so how is it now?
MADAM: I’m getting better now.
ME: you’ve to call your doctor.
MADAM: I’ve called him, he is on the way now.
When we finished discussing,
I entered my room.
I was so scared what could be that.
“She cant be pregnant now”
As I was still thinking,
I felt asleep again and was awake by Lady Pat.
She sat beside me and broke the news and told me that she is pregnant.
ME: you’re what!

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