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Must Read: MY MOTHER IN-LAW - Season 1 - Episode 39
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After the s-x,
I got myself and realized what I did with her.

I started pleading her for forgiveness and she didn’t even bother.
She was so happy because I can see it in her face as she was lying down.

YVONNE: You don’t have to worry atall, ,, I enjoyed the s-x and I know you do also,,so why are you begging me for forgiveness?
ME: I’m engaged….
YVONNE: and then?
ME:it’s unchristian for us to be doing this kind of a thing.
YVONNE: So na now you know? All men are the same.
Val do regret after having s-x with me and so you do.
ME: I’m not regretting it but. ……
YVONNE: (cut in) but what?
ME:ok…. but nothing? (I said that in order for us to Stop the argument)
Please I hope my request is granted?
YVONNE: Which request?
ME: To follow Val to the herbalist to reverse the covenant you made with him.
(She kept quite and was looking at me…
I started pleading again before she obliged.
I entered the bathroom to take my bath,
As I was bathing she knocked at the door and told me that she want to bath also.
I told her to wait till I finish but she insisted so I unlock the door and she entered,
We bath together.

She slept in my house that night.
Early in the morning,
Val called me and I excused myself from Yvonne by leaving the room.
I went to the sitting room and answered Val.
He asked me,
If I later see Yvonne and I told him “yes”.
“She has agreed” I said.
He thanked me and asked
me “when did
she Said we’ll go” and I told him that it’ll be that day.

He was so happy hearing that.
When I dropped the call,
Yvonne entered and asked me who called me in this early morning.
I told her that
it was my wife.
I prepared to work,
I drove to Val’s house with Yvonne,
When Val came out and saw us,
He knelt down and started pleading to Yvonne
to have mercy on him and let the by gone be by gone.

She accepted his apology by hugging him.
Val moved inside his house and got his car key and they drove off.

I entered my car and drove to work.

On getting to the office,
I saw Jummy where she was parking her car.
I went to her and perked her by the side.
She turned and smiled at me and gave me a hug.
All my colleagues who were outside was looking at me so surprised.
I asked her ,
Who she came to see and she told me that her mum

send her to come and pick one file she left at her office.
We matched inside my office first.
I gave her the key to her mothers office.
She took it from me and helped me to clean my office and tidy everywhere before
she left to her mother’s office.
Some minutes later,
she came out with the file and handed the key to me.
I took the key and she perked me and told me that
she will rush and give her mother the file.

“Mummy said you should take care of the company that she will be away for some days.
she left my office.
In the
afternoon, I got a call from Val that
his wife has woke up.

I was so happy ,
after the call,
I call Yvonne and thanked her.
I decided to move around the company to supervise,
thereafter, I went back to my office and someone knocked at my office door.
I told
the person to come in that the door is open.
The door was open and it was one of our staff.
She greeted me and told me that,
there is a delivery file our boss told her to prepare
and she is through with it.
she said that our boss called her to submit it to my office so
that I’ll go through it.
I took the file and checked it properly,
I told her to go and she prostrate and left.
In the evening,
when I closed from work,
I drove to Val’s house to know how Clara is fairing.
on getting there,
I knocked and Val opened the door for me and immediately,
Clara saw me,
she ran to me and hugged me. She started thanking me for being a good friend to his husband.

Val told me that,
he’ll host a ceremony for that on next Sunday.
on Sunday,we went to the ceremony which Yvonne were present.
One month later,
I started preparing for my wedding/traditional ceremony.
I insisted that our wedding ceremony will be at the village where nobody know me,
my reason is that,
I don’t want anybody to be a hindrance more especially those ladies I slept with.

It is only those that has much girlfriends that wed outside the country.
so any guy that took his fiance outside the country to wed
f–ked girls wella during his bachelor’s stage,quote me anywhere.
I picked some of my friends who I trust well and we traveled to Jummys Village for wedding/traditional marriage.
My marriage goes well that day without any hindrance and I was so happy at least God has answered my prayer.
In the night after our marriage,
I had a superb s-x with Yvonne.
we enjoyed our honey moon in the hotel.
Five days after our marriage ceremony,
I moved to Lady Pat house. She gave me one flat from his house and told me to be staying there for some months,
and then she’ll build house for me.

I parked in and we started living in the same house but different flats.
One week later,
Jummy told me that she’ll be going bad to continue with her NYSC service.
she said,
she’ll be coming back every weekend.
She traveled,
leaving her mother and I at home.

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