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Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress (18 ) - Season 1 - Episode 38
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I checked into the hospital and I found racheal was so devastating and was crying. I wanted to enter and she said not to see me for now. She had to start shouting on me as if she has gone nut.

Racheal: ****creaming*** jerry, don’t come in here…. I don’t want to see you for now. I need to be alone please go ****shouting continuing and crying profusely****
Me: ****looked confuse and mouth drop ajar****

*****I thought she has already gone nut because of the judgment being inflict on her.

I was also thinking otherwise if she might have not trying to put on show that she has gone nut in order to escape the punishment being inflicted on her, because I have seen such case on the movie. But I believe she won’t want do that for show. Because try to act nut would only made the judge to refer her to psychiatric hospital which would still make her to stay sideline for many years for brain and other necessaries medical tests. The nurses in the duty started consoling her. People in the hospital started gather around. Some in the hospital who are also familiar to online begin to gossip that she is the prosecutor who was raped and sent to adult page. I was still lost in though and dare not move closer to her when a man walked up to me;*****

Man: ****trying to get my attention*** excuse me sir!!!
Me: ***answering*** yes sir!!!
Man: are you miss racheal guardian please?
Me: ****nodding*** yes sir, please who are you?
Man: ***stressing his hand toward me for shaking*** I am doctor in-charge can you see me in private sir?

Me: ****shaking hand with him**** sure sir!!!
Doctor: ****led me inside his office and asked me to sit down****

Me: ****sitting opposite the doctor**** thanks you sir!

Doctor: I am sorry to call you like that. I have to bring you here because of the condition your wife is. She is currently battling with her emotion. She only needs a comforter and I believe no one can do that except you, because it all started because of you, if I guess right?
Me: ****scared**** hope there is no problem doctor?
Doctor: you have known each other now for how many years?
Me: *****adjust my sitting position***** a couple of years, of course!
Doctor: ****sigh****
Me: ****scared*** hope nothing wrong sir?
Doctor: ***nodding**** not really.

Because this type of case is common here and there is no much we can do except this because the life of your wife is in danger.

Me: what happen doctor??? Has anyone checked here before?
Doctor: ***shaking head*** nope! But if I must tell you, it beyond someone checking in.
Me: haaaaaa… what could beyond that?
Doctor: we ran a test and discovered that your wife had a miscarriage some years back. Are you aware of this?
Me: of course!
Doctor: good!!! You need to take this with heart because Dead man tells no tale!!! I don’t know why your wife still denies of keeping this for now.
Me: what is that?
Doctor: the test we ran shows that you wife has conceived for 4 week 2days.
Me: ****I had hiccup instantly*** whatttttt???
Doctor: yea… your wife is pregnant and she said she wouldn’t want to keep the child.

But if she should make attempt to get rid of the pregnant, her life will be at stake. That is why she was acting so strange when you came around. Have you been fighting over this because I heard she came from court?
Me: ****hiccup continuing***** noooo… we didn’t go to court for that. We went there for another reason.
Doctor: you have to be a lot support to her because she can’t abort that pregnant if she needs her life. Her womb has been slightly damaged as she was being cleaning back the when she had miscarriage. It could affect her whole life if someone should try to touch it again.
Me: ****sweating and hiccup*** what you saying now is???
Doctor: she needs to keep that baby. After all, she is older enough to keep a child. Or is there something that I don’t know??
Me: nooooo ooooo…. There is nothing there. I will talk to her…. ****hiccup continuing***
Doctor: can I get you a water to suppress this hiccup??
Me: oooo no! I will be fine. ****I hiccupped again****

****The doctor was just looking at me with self-pity. He could not understand why racheal doesn’t want to keep a child she just conceived and why I was acting so strange hearing such information.*****

******After more persuasion and promise, we left hospital with the hope of raising snakie kid just like he raised mine. How this will bring end to the world created by us we never know. We are trying to eat the beans cake to finish from the plate, and someone is still putting the one in his hand inside it. *******
two months later, I visited snakie at federal prison at Abuja.

I didn’t know what to tell him or where to start talking. I could not boldly say racheal is carrying your baby.

Snakie: ***led by prison officers to visitor room**** on sighting he broke his silent and said; ‘so, they brought me here because of you jerry’ what do you want again? ***about to turn his back on me****
Me: ****stood up and call out**** w-a-i-t!!!!! I am here for us.
Snakie: *****surprised**** us???? Then broke into laughter…. You are in wrong place jerry. I don’t need you here. Where I am today is a decision I made some years ago.

I don’t need your help.

Me: I know, but this is not where God want you to be or where your parents would want you to be. You are needed out there. For us, for people, for yourself and for your children’’’’
Snakie: you are not in a position to tell me that.
If you want to preach, go to church!!! In here, you screwed….
Me: I beg your pardon….
Snakie: excuise me…. After you made me like this. Don’t try to be good. It annoyed!
Me: I might acknowledge that, but you have yourself to blame as well. I think past suppose to be in the past. Those who stick into past don’t normally move ahead.
Snakie: are you being smart with me… ***he made a fume at me****
Me: this is not a mater of being smart or not!!! I need to talk to you. Can you now sit and hear me out for next 2minutes. Even if it is just the time I would have with you for rest of my life… please! Be seated!
Snakie: ****he seated*** I am going to do that for you since you called it your last time to spend with me…
Me: ***sighed*** ok! Thanks for that…
Snakie: save that for someone else, because it cant work on me again… ***fold his wrists**** I am all listern!!!
Me: do you remember olur first day in js1 after our common entrance exam?
Snakie: what that got to do with now?
Me: in our first day in English class. Do you remember Mr. Isiaka poem?
Snakie: ***stress his hands outward*** I don’t. Can you remind me?
Me: mr. isiak taught us about a poem called; ‘the road not taking’
Snakie; yea… I can remember.
Me: I think you and I forgot that poem too sooner and embark on such road. I’ve never envisaged it could become this I would have left your desire for you. I think I was to blame for having your belonging. I was naïve back then to ask you like a gentleman. But now I want to ask your permission to keep it.
Snakie: what are you talking about?
Me: it is about racheal. I want her. I want to have her alone. Give it to me for life.
Snakie: *****chucking*** are you crazy??? Is this threaten or what??
Me: this is not a threat, or command, but a request. Give her to me and don’t try to hurt her again. I am asking you this as a friend.
Snakie: While I am still in here????
Me; she is not to blame for you being here again. You were indulged with revenge I guess…. I am sorry that I cannot do anything about this. I am sorry on her behalf, Please forgive us.
Snakie: you are really something else… I can sense that. You really know how to rattle somebody. Like you have been rattled me ever since and came back to me to ask stupid question. You just have to know that I won’t go down alone. I will take somenody that make me like this with me for sure!!!
Me: *****sigh***** I hope you put end to this snakie. It is enough! REMEMBER, we were friends.
Snakie: who and who???
Me: all of us….
Snakie: you gotto be kidding me.
Me: may I ask you one last question?
Snakie: I can see you have got a lot of gut!!!

But since it is your last question, I will like to answer it then. Be prepared to answer my questions too once am outer here.
Me: ok!!! Do you know what a tangram means?
Snakie: you know I didn’t go to college, courtesy of you and your partner in crime.

I don’t know it, unless you tell me.
Me: it’s uhm…!!! It is a dissection puzzle consisting of flat geometric pieces, known as tans, which are put together to form elaborate shapes. We have been one shape ever since childhood. And you are the piece that got missed. I will be happy if you can come back to complete this shape again and not to make more ruckuses. Because what is good for goose is good for gander *****I kept quict, stood up and was about to go****
Snakie: ****** just staring at me with mouth ajar****

**** I stood up and left a paper that contains racheal pregnant that signified the person that liables for it as shakiru*****

6 months later, we got appealled letter from lawyer that held snakie case. ***fast forward**** During the appeal court, Snakie and lawyer dwelled on racheal vulnerability and broadcasted to the whole court that he is liable for the pregnant being carry by racheal. Thereby, he accepted racheal as ex- who carries his babe and would like to be the good father for the baby. In line with this, the court should please drop the charges against him concern racheal rapist ordeal and act of molest between the both. Because the act has already produce a seed which he would like to liable for. On the other hand, the barrister William also pinpointed about opeyemi murder that it was not intentionally done. He continued that snakie mistakenly pulled the trigger at the point of death to prevent himself from more injuries from opeyemi murder attempt when she was stabbing him with a knife.This made judge to reduce snakie jail term from 15years to 3years because of lack of evidences. And responsibility he decided to take from his act against the victim (racheal).

For the fact that, the child would be named
before snakie finish his jail term. It rest on the shoulder of court to make clear statement on how the kid would be raised and the judge asked snakie if he has something to say;
Judge: ***turned to snakie**** Mr. shakiru, this court give you a chance to make any statement concern your kid which would be taking to law and be writing down as agreement between the person who carry your baby and snakie. In order to avoid coalition and misunderstanding in future, you have the right to name your unborn child and the right to decide how you want your unborn child to be raised.

Snakie stepped forward and pronounced in the court that part of his procession should be taken from to take care of the child before he might be released. And to this end, he would like his child be calling Oluwasemilore and opeyemi… Everyone in the court was shock and marveled to see him naming the child after his dead wife. ****and this is definitely the first time I saw snakie crying as he pronounced the child name and end it with touching poem; ****** I prisoner eight four six, look through the bars of the jail. 15years ago, I saw angel who has come down from heaven. She says her name is racheal called me Trojan. She was complete a stranger but treated me like her own. Hearing her truth words, I felt like live once more. Hearing her promises and vows, I felt like do something important more. He says that she is not my type, but why does she continue to come my way. He says she is not the one for me, but why does she carry my babe???******

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