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Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress (18 ) - Season 1 - Episode 37
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The court clerks and other detectives in charge of case quickly rushed over to where racheal was collapsed. Checked over her and discovered she is unconscious. Then, they took her to the outside where court car was parked and drove her away to the hospital.

Judege: ***turned to me*** mr. jerry, no sinner shall go unpunished. Even though, you remain as a witness to this case right from 15 years to this moment. I think I have now got a grip why you spent two and half years in jail for the crime you did not commit and the sole instigator has also passed away and we can’t make a death to talk. Therefore we won’t look into your past. We will over look where you wrong since the instigator is no more.

ME: ****felling relief**** folding my hands together…
Judge: but for partake in the scene that caused the death of the instigator and also broke into the house of penetrator and instigator to cause ruckus that claimed the life of instigator. And according Nigeria law act 489, page 9 of Nigeria constitution who states that ‘on no account for who is not a member of Nigeria police officer, or detective or soldiers or Army should partake in any crime scene for the safety of the penetrator and victim’.

Therefore, this court fines you #500, 000 and must be paid before you live this court!!!!

Me: ****bad mood****
Judge: ***turned to snakie**** there is popular saying among elite tribes in yoruba culture. They would say, ‘the firewood that we gather in our youth is what we will warm in the old age’. Ogbeni shakiru, the one you are gathering now, how do you expect to be warned by it when old age comes sooner than later? Leave it, don’t let it be faraway, I think someone is still in need of it. If you don’t need it again you would throw it faraway from your reach. God has blessed you with woman and kid, what do you want again?

****at the hearing of being blessed with wife and kid, the eyes of snakie met with mine and I dared look at him once against because of the burning flame in his eyes. How one does proclaim that the kid you are talking about is belong to the witness? We both play maturity and bury the facts. That is why after racheal was transported to hospital I never said anything about the way he was being defended by his attorney, because I felt guilty toward him. This happened because of our friendship back then*****
Snakie: ****just bend his head downward***
Judge: we acknowledged you got married to the instigator of this case. But because of lack of evidence and the fact that we could not bring died back to life and question her who sent her to instigate the murder of chief kukoyi and jail term assigned to mr. jerry. We let you off that hook, but no sinner shall go unpunished according to Nigeria constitution.
Snakie: ****raised his head up to me and look so determine****
Judge: Because you have served the jail term for the crime you didn’t commit some years ago, this court pardon you for the scene between you and racheal which resulted to adultery, but on no account you should try such act in your life again. Therefore, in line with Nigeria constitution act 132, page 80 which states that no one should be killed or kill the opposition for whatever reasons. The law gives one no room to take judgment into anyone’s hand. So, for the fact that you are liable for the killing of the instigator who happen to be your wife and a mother to a very young kid. You have committed the crime of murder and you will be judged base on that. This is my judgment!!!!
Me: ***I was scared and trembling****
Snakie: ****look so mean and determine****
Judge: ****raised his head up***
you are hereby being sent to 15 years imprison, with hard labour. I rise!!!!
Court clerk: ****call-out**** c-o-u-r-t!!!!!!

Snakie was moving inside the car before he would be transported to jail. After I made payment I was released by prisoner guide.

Then I walked up to where snakie was in order to reconcile with him. When I reached there:
Me ***look disappointed and panic**** I am sorry snakie. I never wanted it to end like this. You are so dearly. Please forgive me this once again. I will try to help in whatever way if you feel like making appeal.
Snakie: ****screaming**** brainbird…
what make you think I need you for that? I have lost many things because of you since 15 years ago. Shredding you into pieces won’t appease my anger…
Me: I deserve a death. Please forgive me.
Snakie: I would have killed you if I want to.

I only don’t want to get my hand stay with your blood. And don’t think I am going and be back 15years to come. My coming back will be sooner than later. Even if I am inside there for a couple of days, I will have it all plan.
Me: ****pleading*** please snakie, I am sorry. That is not w…. ****before I complete my statement, he came in***
Snakie: ****shout*** go Fork yourself!!!!

****Prisoner van moved ahead and snakie was transported to prison. I later make enquiry about the hospital where racheal was carried to. I was told she is currently receiving medical attention at general hospital at Abuja. I quickly dashed out to the hospital, but when I reached hospital, something happened that changed the whole story****

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