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I think the sound of gun attracted the outsider. Within a jiffy, we were surrounded by police.

The two guys among the police rushed over to where snakie was and quickly put his hands behind his back. One guy that looks more like a detective went straight to the chair where Racheal was tied to and quickly covered her with clothe and start unhook her hand and he said:
The guy: ****apologizing to racheal**** I am sorry madam. I am sorry we came late.

We got your message so late.

Me: ***wondering*** when did racheal sent a message to police officer??

One guy among those two guys who rushed over to where snakie was and held him so tight on the ground while another one brought out an handcuff and trying to handcuff him, and then said:
Second guy: ****making a statement**** we are arresting you for the crime of using a gun on someone else. You have the right to the lawyer and to defend yourself. So, kindly save it for later. As a penetrator of an assault, you will continue to be investigated as the only suspect identified for murder by proxy. ***putting handcuff in his hand***

A moment went by, I was unhooked. Opeyemi was put in medical motor and she was driven away. They escorted snakie out and put him inside the police van. We were asking to come to police station for the statement. Racheal later told me that she updated attorney micheal, explain our plan to break inside the place where we suspected opeyemi was, a day earlier while we were inside the hotel and finding it difficult to sleep, and then, asked him to contact the nearest police station for our safety, but the information came bit late all the way from Abuja where attorney micheal was trying to get in touch with detective in charge of crime.

The case later moved to Abuja for final judgment. Opeyemi was later embalmed due to the charges against her in court.

The judgment was a bit delay for about 4weeks due to the injury sustained by both the penetrator (snakie) and the victim(racheal), while I only remain as a witness. On the judgment day, the lawyers at both sides tackled his other, made generalizations and backed it up with their facts and opinions.

Then, judge step forwards and asked each attorney to come to end over their points:
Judge: ****clear his throat**** having hear the story from start to the end, from nooks to crannies, and also from last 15years to this moment. I will implore each lawyer to round off the points for the benefit of this case.
Therefore, I will call on the victim lawyer first…

*****attorney peter step forwards. The same lawyer that held my appealed case****
Attorney peter: my lord, ****this case remind of me of a poem which states;**** “come and swear if you have ever being young before.” my client was so naïve and young exactly 15 years ago to make such accusation against the man called shakiru.

If the hand of clock could be turned around, my client might want to go back there and make amend. I believe my client has been reflected about such behavior ever since then, but could not meet shakiru to make apology. Not until when shakiru turned table around and made a scene to the witness back then who is called fimihan and the victim who is called racheal which resulted to the scene that claimed the life of the instigator who is called opeyemi.

He continued; shakiru used opeyemi to instigate the scene that has caused a very defamation to my client by sent a video of my client being held hostage and S£x to online.

The video has been in viral all over the adult sites in the world. In spite of the fact that we are trying to take the video down throughout the place where it could be downloaded, what can we do about individual who has had the video on their gadgets? he concluded.

Additionally, mr. shakiru took law into his hand and made S£x with my client because of his past, as well as causing a ruckus and this has caused a lot of damages to the life of my client.

Firstly, mr. shakiru committed the act of defamation and killing, by making a video S£x of my client publicly and also killed the instigator (opeyemi) this court of law has been looking for since two years ago. Secondly, he committed the act of adultery with my client in the present of mr. fimihan who is witness to this. And lastly, he is a culprit who instigated the crime that sent the witness to a jail two and half years ago. My lord, I believe you will do something about this and inflict the punishment that the penetrator deserves for this case. ***thank you my lord*****

****attorney peter located his chair and sat down****
Judge: *****giving prosecutor peter a round of applause*****

****Everyone in the court all join hands together to applause attorney peter****
Judge: ***turned to barrister Williams*** attorney can you have your saying too?

*****Barrister Williams step forward****.

Barrister Williams is an oldest attorney in the hierarchy of lawyer in Nigeria. Not only that he is an oldest lawyer, but also he normally handles the case with knowledge and experience. To win with barrister Williams you might have burnt the midnight candle and might have put extra work into the case. It seems snakie had known the danger ahead and original thought that a day like this would come around. Thereby, having had barrister Williams as his personal lawyer.
Barrister Williams: **** your honour**** it is an elder whose popularly saying; ‘ife l’oba fori bi be se, oba kan ki muje (it is love of the community the king see to be beheading the culprit, no kings drink the blood). My lord, I have a friend in a business organization and he popularly saying; ‘if you have never being poor, you can never understand why we work so hard to get rich’. Therefore, anyone that never being in jail for a crime not committed could never talk how it is so hard to make someone who is liable for the crime be punished for it. I think, example of it is what the sole witness called jerry tried to do with my client which made my client to resurfaced and show them what it takes to be on tenterhooks of how they made his life worst ever since childhood. My lord, such accusations of those periods have been greatly denied of my client so many life opportunities. In light of this, the witness and the so-called victim today were able to have good education at the expense of my client who could not boost of any and surfered for the crime he didn’t commit with racheal back then. If racheal and jerry have let sleeping dog lies, this might have not happened, my lord. He continues; my client only committed the act of neglected due to the S£x he made with prosecutor racheal, but this could happen as result of hanger and burning for revenge my client has been holding a very long ago with the woman called racheal. If you look at this my lord, my client is now a pity in human race because of the ruckus caused by the woman called racheal who is wrongly accused of my client back then for the rapist crime he did not committed.

Most importantly, my lord, they say dead cant talk, how I wish we have in our midst the woman called opeyemi to testify how my client made his money and not the money of chief kukoyi whose my opponent claimed it is the doing of my client that instigated the killing of chief in order to retaliate the offence caused by racheal and jerry back then. We solemnly deny the allegation because there is no enough prove for that, and also deny that it was my client that instigated the killing of chief and eventually sent mr. jerry to jail.

Last but not the least, for the death of opeyemi, my client is deeply sorry for the lady. She was his legal wife and the shot that occurred during the scene was happened due to defensive mechanism. My client was trying to defend himself against his wife who was stabbing him with the knife that she held. Something like this can happen during the crime. As we can see, my client as well sustained a multiple injuries for it. And for the gun that was being caught by my client… ****stress his hand before court clerk and giving him the paper**** then said; this is the license for the gun. My client got the gun due to defensive stuff, not that he was using it for any crime. Therefore, I will implore this court of law to please take a look at my client and overlook where he is wrong. So that he won’t become a pity man for the rest of his life. And as well be useful for his parents.

Thanks you my lord.

Judge: ***** put his hands together for barrister Williams and court crowd joined him in applauding*** thanks you very much, both lawyers for the effort you have put into this case.

****the court went silent for a moment. No one knows what could happen from this moment. I was tense, racheal look so devastated, while snakie could not help by look very determine and with face full of revenge, the judge took some moment to go through all the evidences presented to the court and reviewed all the case right from 15 years ago till present*******
Judge: ***remove his glass and make a fuse*** then, he began; ‘they say for effective of present for a glorious future, the present must continue to consult the past. A peep into the past reveals that a lot have been damaged. This is the sign for each and every one of us on this earth that the sufferings we are experiencing today is the time we spent wrongly in the past.

****everyone went silent and was burning due to the approach the lawyer is putting on to make all the people who liable for one wrong or the other must be responsible for it****
Judge: I acknowledged there is a grudge between penetrator (snakie) and victicm (racheal). I acknowledged both victm and the penetrator have made erroneous acts to cover one thing or the others about their past.

I acknowledged that the victim(opeyemi) made false accusation against defender about 15 years ago. So, this court of law won’t be sentimental with anyone, in spite, of the position being hold by either penetrator or victim. But, to clear the bad taste over our mouth, this court will solemnly concern about the present crime connected to instigator(opeyemi) and let sleeping dog lies concern the scene that happened 15 years ago. That is why I said initially that ‘whatsoever the hardship you are facing today is the result of times spent wrongly in the past’.
Judge: ****turned his head to racheal**** Therefore, the victim(racheal) has committed the crime of neglected of duty which resulted to the death of the instigator(opeyemi) this court of law has been looking for a very long time. As a prosecutor, if you notice where the penetrator is. Your duty is to report to detectives who will make arrest, not to turn yourself-in in a crime scene that later claimed the life of Nigeria fellow and as well made you a bad image.
Racheal: ****sweating and feeling temper while she is shaking all over the body*****
Judge: ****trying to conclude on racheal**** your punishment for this could be not over-emphasized. So, according to Nigeria law act 145, page 12 of Nigeria constitution.

You are hereby suspended as a prosecutor, without being pay any money not to talk of attending any prosecutor gathering for the next 10years!!!!!!

Racheal: ****screaming**** yeeeeeeehhhhh!!!!!
Racheal: ****collapsed and blanked out*****

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