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Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress (18 ) - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Racheal became paralyze, only haaaaaaaaa, hmmmmm, hoooooo …. was coming out from her mouth… and the ecstasy of Sekxual pleasure enveloped her and made her totally subjected to snakie tongue deep penetration.
After some minutes, snakie stood up. Spread racheal pun*ny so wide and slotted his john thumos inside of her. He started moving in and out, while they both sweating profusely. ***I could not watch it anymore because it became so awful watching racheal getting bang from snakie*** 5 minutes gone-by with both in raw S£x and snakie was putting his whole life in jacking, as well as camera was making coverage while android>online>upload>port was transferring the video to the adult site page.

I saw opeyemi struggling for her life and becoming half self-conscious. But the moment opeyemi became fully aware of the scene around her. She sighted her so called husband-to-be (snakie) strafing another woman.

Her eyes became red and I sense the romantic drama turning to action ****the same issue he accused of her did with me which produced my child being raised by them*** . Opeyemi eyes became red like goldsmith fire and I knew the devil of woman is about to let lose.

Snakie was still banging racheal, while racheal can’t help it but screaming on top of her voice and crying profusely. ***it was typically mixture of good and sad feeling for her*** firstly, screaming for the pleasure of getting banging by the guy who ready to put her life on the line for next couple of minutes, even though, he might not be able to do it again in his whole life. Secondly, being completely defamed by being banging in front of camera and uploading to public site for the people’s enjoyment. Something she would never envisage to do for anything, not for money or fame. She imagined the courageous those involve in Adult movie movie might have completely put couple with lacking of shame and self respect. I continue to stare at opeyemi, struggling with her emotion and look so mean:

Opeyemi: ****staggering*** trying to stand up…
Me: ***giving her a sign to continue to lie down***
Opeyemi: ***ignore my warning**** stood up and pick the knife on the ground.

Snakie: ****continuing banging and sweating profusely****
Racheal: ****screaming of pleasure**** haaaa… haaaa…. huuuu

I continue to signal opeyemi not to bring more harm to the scene again but she continue to ignore me. I didn’t want to speak out so loud in order not to alert snakie but thing went out of my hands. *** I think to detectives, they believe that ‘at the crime scene, the only thing to do is to calm down the penetrator and initiate the negotiation and aftermath, creating the sense of empathy and find solution to the existing situation’ **** only racheal could do that among us, but she had been held by snakie and was getting the best Fork of her life.

Initially, our coming down to opeyemi’s house is to get opeyemi under the law.

However, Racheal and I were original the victims while opeyemi was a penetrator.

Snakie resurfaced and turned the table around, then racheal and I became penetrators while he remains the sole victim due to the past. Snakie also turned opeyemi to offender because of the past himself can’t let go, but now opeyemi felt betrayed and ready to take law into her hand as well.[B] *** this is typical example of how victim becomes penetrator at the crime scene because of the act of taking the law into his hand***.

This seems like a drama but more than being call a drama. There was no movie I loved more back then than “Gladiator” and there is a scene there, everyone knows it, when the emperor comes down in the arena and asks the gladiator to remove his mask and the gladiator does that and says:
“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius … And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.” That was how I felt when I saw opeyemi stood up staggering and pick the knife on the ground started going into the direction of both snakie and racheal at the spot where they both banging themselves ***just like a gladiator with the desire for the vengeance***.

I wanted to shout because I had no idea what opeyemi intend to do with the knife in her hand.

I couldn’t imagine what I was seeing.

I became trembling all over the body. Then, opeyemi did a worst thing I never could tell: and how would she be stopped:
Opeyemi: ***walked up to snakie****
yyyoouuuu snakie. In my matrimonial home?
Snakie:****turning his head back*** what the hell are you doing???
Opeyemi: ****Fork you bastard*** she stabbed snakie right there from the back.
Snakie: ***stood up from racheal while his d*ck went out of pun*ny and screaming of pain**** ….ugh, haaaaaaa!!!! ****Blood is dropping down from his back down to the hip*****
Opeyemi: **** removed the knife and wanted to make another stab***
Snakie: ****quickly pick the gun he dropped earlier on the ground**** held his hand with the knife opeyemi was trying to use to make another stab****
Opeyemi: ****drawn back the knife and made a tremor cut of snakie’s palm**** she wants to stab him inside the stomach again.
Snakie: ****screaming; haaaaaa… and look at his palm while blood start flowing down from it*** then, mistakenly pull the trigger and released the gun through opeyemi stomach.

Opeyemi: ****screaming****
hooooooooooo!!!!! ****Opeyemi dropped the knife on the ground and looked at her stomach. The blood splashed all over her belle.
She went down and was started struggling on the ground for her life. In this process, it came down on the snakie that he just sent opeyemi to a journey of no return****

Snakie: ****drop the gun on the ground and held onto opeyemi**** I didn’t want to this dear. You made me. ****he started shaking opeyemi to bring her back to conscious, but unknown available will that be possible****
Opeyemi: ***she wants to talk but her voice betrayed her. The blood starts coming out of her mouth***
Racheal: ***still struggling on the chair she was tied on and crying. The balls of blood came off opeyemi’s body were half covered her body****
Me: ***** I was staring at the whole drama and start crying****

****I didn’t know why I was crying. Either because opeyemi was a criminal which I must prove guilty or she was a tool used by snakie for the revenge and later swallow by rule of engagement called revenge anatomy.

They say; “if the construction of pyramid is completed, those who know the secret of pyramid must be buried” snakie, racheal and I look more like a pyramid****.

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