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To cut the story short, I shifted attention to zainab and it took me
almost full two weeks before I was able to convince her to date
me……I will call morning, afternoon and evening without letting
Debby know I was the one calling..she was also a sharp babe as
she doesn’t talk as if I was the one talking..she call me by my
other name……but that doesn’t stop me from bleeping Debby as I
was able to bleep her twice during this time too…….

I was able to convince her to come spend the weekend with me
almost after a month. Zainab was the free type unlike Debby…She
stays in the hostel fully and come home once in a while and even
when she’s at home, she can always go out without any
question being raised on her but not to the extent of sleeping
outside whenever she was at home…………We decided to keep our
relationship a secret from Debby. She gave me the go ahead to
always bleep Debby anytym and she will even love to be there
anytime I want to bleep her..just to watch.

As if God wanted to answer Zainab’s prayer, she was at my
place over a weekend, it was on a Saturday afternoon, we were
both half Unclad on bed when I heard a knock on my door….I
decided not to answer until my phone started ringing and it was
Debby calling, I showed it to Zainab and she gave me the go
ahead to pick the call and let her come in but I shouldn’t allow
her come into the room..i answered the call and told her I was
coming..i opened the door and ushered her into the sitting
room…..we started talking but also looking for a way to

discharge her fast……Didn’t take up to 15mins she came that she
received a call from her dad and she told him she will get home
in the next 15mins or so….Thank God, atleast she can just go……

One thing she complained about was that I don’t even have her
time again and it was as if I was running away from her..told her
its work and have been a bit busy of late.
She wanted to start going after like 10mins, she moved closer to
me where I was..grabbed d!ckson and started kissing
me…..d!ckson rose immediately, I responded by handling her
bweast too..she pull up her skirt and I help her to pull down her
pant…she wanted to sit on me immediately but I adjusted by
switching position with her and she was on the chair……My
instrument is always at every angle of my room..i picked one,
wore it and took position immediately, I could feel the cotton of
the room opening little like someone peeping but I didn’t
care…….i bleeped her hard and it was a loud ringing tone….since
it was a quicky, we didn’t last more than 10mins as I was forced
to come…she stood up after coming, went into the toilet, clean
up and requested to use my perf…… cant go inside baby, my friend is in with his gf
Debby:your friend? Lailai…or u kept a babe inside
Me:I will keep a babe inside and still have the gut to bleep u?
Debby:but what if they came out while we were doing it
Me:I know they wont come out as they just entered before you
came in….
Debby:You are a very bad boy…
Me:Na you teach me work now…..

“Her phone started ringing again and she quickly rushed out”
Zainab:hmmmmm…ekun, eyin yi
Me:wetyn now
Zainab:see as u dey sweat……Oya come make I go bath you

We entered bathroom together……she bath me, romanced inside
there and continued from where I stopped.

Ever since Zainab spend the weekend at my place, it was now a
norm for her spending her weekend with me and our routine was
always to pick her from school on Friday, come home, changed
and go clubbing sometimes alone and another time with my guy
(colleague)…it was always fun starting the weekend in such a
manner……I just love her craziness, we go out almost every
weekend, we do crazy stuffs together and it was as if I was
married as I enjoyed being with her always, she cook good food
for me and did all what people in real relationship does, I must
admit the fact that Zainab will never stand with a guy and
another guy wont admire her beside you ( efizzy po)…..I was lost
in love that I never even care about her side guys…….
Unlike Debby, after receiving each calls..she tend to tell me who
they are,what they want, what she has done with any of
them….the one she’s presently bleeping and those still asking
her out…so many toasters on her list and I couldn’t count how
many guys called her over the weekend……………As our
relationship grows, I never asked her about those other guys as
all am concern about was her even though I was so sceptical
about contacting diseases from her..she so much convince me
to be a clean babe and not every guy that comes her way that
she bleep. It was during our discussion one day that she said I
should just give her time as she’s already all those guys hanging
on her neck.

There was total lack of concentration for Debby again (we were
not even in a relationship before)…My guy has always been
disturbing me to pass Debby to him ever since he realized I was
totally in love with Zainab and committed to her……..I promised
to work out something for him but the majority of the work will
be with him………

It was a weekend zainab said she wont be coming over…….I
called Debby if she’s available and it was even a surprise to her
that I was the one that called her…..she said she will be coming
over on Sunday afternoon…..i told my friend to meet me at home
that day too……Debby came in around 2pm, met me and my friend
inside drinking…..she joined us….it was about twenty minutes
when my phone beeped and I faked wanting to run an important
errand that I should be back in the next 30mins and my friend
will take good care of her….

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