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Miracle’s side of the story still continues
Me: yes, that’s definetly what I am going to do.
I said as I began to eat my chicken. The appetite is back. When I was through I stood up, payed my bills with my ATM card and went out.

The time is still young so I went home to rest a little. I took my bath, changed my clothes and I came back to the sitting room to watch television.

Time check 6:55pm.

My dad and mum came back from the hospital with a smile on their face.

Me: welcome dad, welcome mum.
Chief Sunday: how are you my dearest child.
Me: cool dad.
Ma’am Nancy: when did you leave the hospital?
Me: not too long, I was tired and I decided to come home and rest.
Chief Sunday: oh, no problem. We really thank God for preserving the life of Idris.
Ma’am Nancy: so if he wasn’t in the car with stephanie, stephanie would have been dead by now.
Chief Sunday: God forbid!
Me: speaking of stephanie, where is she right now?
Ma’am Nancy: she went to her house, she will be coming back tomorrow.
Me: ok, I am coming mum.
Ma’am Nancy: where to again?
Me: I promise I won’t be long.
I said and dashed out.


visiting time was over but thank goodness I was let inside to visit Idris. That’s due to one main reason, being that I am famous thanks to my dad, a b-----d billionaire and celebrity sister and wherever I go, there is always respect for me.

I entered inside his ward and that scared look came again.

Me: hi.
Idris: hi.
Me: how are you doing.

I said sitting closer to him.

Idris: fine, thank God…
Me: I brought this for you.

I said putting a leather containing fruits on the table and some hollandia yogurt I bought for him.

Idris: thanks alot.
Me: you are very strong oo. I can’t believe you took up to three bullets for my sis and here you are, still shining.
Idris: *smiled*
Me: *holding his hand* thank you.
Idris: for what?
Me: *now caressing his hand* for protecting my sister, you are truly a man indeed.
Idris: *blushed*

we continued jisting and laughing for about fifteen minutes before a nurse walked inside.

Nurse: your time is up ma.
Me: okay, I will be going soon.

I said and the nurse walked out. I stood up, held Idris’s fast and gave him a short kiss. Wow, that was fast.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something when I put my finger acrossed his mouth.
Me: shhhhhh, that’s for protecting my sister.
I said and walked out.

My side of the story continues
“D--n, did she just kissed me. I wanted to say something to her but her fingers prevented me and now she is gone”

I was just thinking when I began to hear two voices in my head.

Low voice: guy you f--k up. Sheybe you don forget wetting happen for the dream God show you?

How she take use you and how the three of una take die?
High voice: guy you f--k up! Why you no hold her head kiss her well. You no dey watch film, how one guy dey blend two sisters at the same time.
Me: abi?
High voice: yes na, you know see the way the thing dey sweet, two sisters for only you.
Me: but that is very wrong.
Low voice: no forget your dream, no be ordinary dream o, na revelation.
High voice: for where, dream na dream. If you like dey here make dream dey dream you. Buckle up boy, be wise.

Soon I was not hearing the low voice again, just the high one.
High voice: you no see say she hot, fine and dupe. Please don’t make the wrong choice.

Please, just date the two sisters. Na you go enjoy am I swear.
Me: d--n, I can’t betray stephanie.
High voice: shut up, its not called betrayal. Its just a game, play your cards well and you shall live to enjoy.

Soon, the both voices were silent leaving me in a state of confusion.

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