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Must Read: My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Am sorry for not telling u. I didnt know how to
tell u. I would still have told u. I dont mean to
hide it from u. And besides there is no way i
would have hiden it from u. Just that… She
cuts in gently… Just that what? Are u sayong
this is the first time he is bleeping u? Oh gawd!

It hurts cos i saw him inside u. I heard ur
m0an!ng. I heard everything it is so painful.

Tosin cleared her throat again and ask
her…whats painful in this? He is ur cousin not
ur boyfriend. U are making it look like i took ur
boyfriend from u. My cousin said in a gentle
anger… What did u just say? He is not my boy
friend? Thank u. She left and tosin locked the
door & came back with fire in her eyes…
When she entered the room she locked the
door too, i was just watchn her. I didnt like how
my cousin sounded before she left. I dont feel
guilty bleeping tosin. But i felt bad cos i have
even fu.cked my cousin more than i fu.cked
tosin. When my eyes and tosin met she kept
looking at me but i couldnt hold down her eyes.

I removed my eyes. But tosin statled me with
her quesion. Are u bleeping her? She shot it out
of her mouth. I looked up sharperly. She asked
again bfore i could respond. U de Bleep her? I
said nope.. Ho… How… How can u ask such a
funny qeustion? How can i Bleep my own blood.

Tosin was looking at me with the eyes of a
dangerous person. Tosin was working very hard
to control her anger. I could read her and see
she was getn to a boiling point. I took two steps
towards herl took her into my arms and she

burst out cryn. She said this is the first time she
& my cousin are having misunderstanding for
over 12 years and it pains cos it is cos of guy. I
held her made her to relax. We played and got
high again. We made love again after that.
When i was telling her bye bye that evening.

Deep down in my heart i knew that would be
my last bye bye to her unless we meet by
chance. When i got home home that evening.

My cousin became so rude to me. She told me
that the house wont enter two of us anylonger.

She said one of us have to leave. And wisdom
told me that i am the person to go. Therefore
once my aunt came back i told her that i will be
going back to nsukka that something came up
in school that i want to go and sort out. The
next morning. As early as 5;30am i was already
on my way to maza maza to take a bus back to

I had to go because i cant stand the fury of a
heart broken woman… My cousin.

****THE END****


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