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Added: Jun 17, 2017
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Must Read: Me, My Sister And Her Friends (18 )
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“Don’t even think about it,” I whisper.“It’s Kristina,” she says, recognizing the ringtone. “She might need something.” When she reaches for her phone on the nightstand my c–k slides out of her warm p—y and I m0an my disappointment.

“Poor baby,” she teases as she taps her phone and says hello. She listens for a minute and then a mischievous grin covers her whole face.

“Kristina wants to know if she can come over,” she says to me, covering the phone. The disappointment must be obvious on my face. “Her sister is leaving with friends and she doesn’t want to be in the house alone.” I shrug. What the f–k! I don’t want anyone else here.

“Can you give us about half an hour?” she says, running her finger up and down my slick c–k. “I know, right?” she says, as my c–k surprisingly starts to respond.

“Kristina!” Lauren yells into the phone. “Yesterday you were a virgin and today you’re nothing but a h—y little s–t!” she laughs. She listens for another minute while massaging my spent c–k. “Okay, I’ll save some for you,” she laughs before clicking off and tossing her phone aside.

“What was that all about?” I ask as she bends her head towards my c–k.

“Have I mentioned that Kristina and I share everything?” she asks as she cleans my limp c–k with her tongue.

“No, but what did you mean, you’ll save some for her,” I ask, raising my eyebrows questioningly and wondering if Kristina knows about us.

“I don’t mean we just sharing clothes or information,” she says, sU-Cking my cockhead into her mouth for emphasis. “I mean we share everything.”

“Does that include me?”
I ask, pushing my c–k deeper into her mouth.

“It could,” she teases, licking down the side of my s—t and cleaning my balls with her warm tongue. “I’ve never done a threesome, and of course, we know Kristina hasn’t.”

F–k! The thought of Kristina and Lauren together is almost too much to fathom. I smile at my sister as my c–k extends to its full length.

“You seem to like the idea,” she says. “Let’s take a shower, so we’re ready when she gets here.

“I really do love you, Sis,”
I tell her as we hop off the bed and head for the shower.

“All guys say that when they’re anticipating a threesome,” she laughs. “We’ll see how you feel in the morning.”


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Jun 17, 2017
Soooo erotic and quite s£[email protected]
Nice one Babangida.
Why end when you can give a s£[email protected] writeup to the threesome......??????
Lovely story though.
Jun 17, 2017
Nice story, keep it up. More greese to ur elbow
Sep 23, 2017
so erotic well nice story it got my bf so h---y.all d same nice story
Feb 23, 2018
Hehee,,Brandon you have done it ooo,,this story is a wet story,,thriling I can say
ss mikano
Jul 12, 2018
wounderful, real story to say whenever i read diz my cock moves all around searching for something to peep into....u are a great writer to say keep it up
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