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Must Read: Me, My Sister And Her Friends (18 )
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Her hair is matted to her forehead and little droplets of sweat run down between her luscious b—–s. She’s rolling her hips forward, sliding my c–k in and out of her hot, mushy p—y while clenching and unclenching her p—y muscles around me. F–k!“You are amazing, Sis,” I tell her, pinching her n—–s and kneading her b—–s. I feel a mixture of our juices running down between my a-s cheeks as she continues rolling her hips in a rippling motion over my c–k. I pick up on her rhythm and push my c–k up deeper into her enflamed p—y, purging the remaining fluids from her c–t. .

When she leans forward again, I grab one of her n—–s between my teeth and sU-Ck it hard before she pulls back and sits up straight.
Giving up on the rolling motion, she starts bouncing no my c–k, riding me harder and faster.

I’m thrusting my c–k up, bucking wildly under her as she rhythmically jounces around on my extremely rigid pole. Squeezing her succulent b—–s, I keep them from slapping against her chest as she rides me into a deeply intense o—-m.

“Oh Brandon! Oh F–k! Brandon!” she pants, riding out wave after wave of unadulterated pleasure. “I looooove youuuuuu!” she screams, clamping her p—y muscles around my hard c–k and triggering my release as she collapses on my chest. I enfold her in my arms and we lay there gasping for breath.

“Of course you do,” I tease. “When you’re in the throes of an o—-m. We’ll see how you feel in the morning.” She pounds her fist into my arm as she shoves her tongue deep into my mouth.

With my c–k snuggly tucked inside her pulsating p—y and our tongues entwined in our mouths, we bask in the afterglow of our incestuous lovemaking. Neither of us wants to disengage or lose the magic of this moment but Lauren’s phone rings incessantly.

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