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Must Read: Me, My Sister And Her Friends (18 )
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“I love you, Sis,” I tell her as our bodies settle into a comfortable stillness. My spent c–k lingering inside of her as my body crushes her into the mattress.She startles me by pushing me off of her so soon. I was content to just lie here melding into my sister’s warm body but she apparently has other ideas. Now that it’s done, is she ashamed? Sorry that we went this far?
Whatever her reasoning, she has me completely off of her and onto my back beside her.

Before I can ask what’s wrong, she’s moved between my legs and slurped my limp c–k into her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue. F–k! That feels incredible.

“You recovered pretty fast yesterday,” she says, taking a breath from my p—y-soaked c–k. “I want you inside me again as quickly as you can,” she smiles. “That was sooooo f—–g good, Brandon!” She cups my balls as she sU-Cks my c–k back into her mouth and her tongue doesn’t stop moving until my c–k has fully recuperated.

“Aren’t you the s–d,” she smiles as she scoots forward and straddles my legs.
Her hand continues to corkscrew up and down my rigid s—t.

“I love you, Sis,” I tell her for the second time as she positions her soggy p—y over my cockhead. The mixture of juices inside her c–t eases my entry and she impales herself on my hard c–k in one swift motion.

“Of course, you do,” she laughs. “Every guy loves the girl he’s f—–g, at the time he’s f—–g her. Tell me how you feel in the morning,” she adds as she wiggles around to get comfortable.

Leaning forward so her beautiful b—–s hang enticingly close to my face, she starts undulating her hips in some kind of a rolling motion on my c–k. F–k! With all her tricks, Kelly never even came close to make me feel like this.

Taking my hands, Lauren places them against her magnificent b—–s and I rub my palms in a circular motion around her hard n—–s.

“Ooh yeah,” she coos.

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