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Must Read: Me, My Sister And Her Friends (18 )
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I can’t remember ever being this hard. She keeps m0an!ng and calling my name.
“Oh f–k! Oh Brandon! Oh God!” she screams as I slam my c–k home again and again until we’ve both reached the point of no return.

“Oh God, Sis,” I breathe as I release her legs. She plants her feet on the mattress and arches her back as I hammer my c–k into her fiery snatch. Pulling me down for another kiss our bodies meld together as she shoves her tongue in my mouth and I pound her p—y into submission.

“Oh f–k! Oh Brandon!” Lauren m0ans as we lose ourselves in our Sekxual gyrations. I slip my hands under her back, gripping her shoulders to keep her from hitting the headboard as I pummel her smoldering p—y.

“OHMYGOD!” Lauren cries as her o—-m builds towards its crescendo. She’s got her arms around me and her feet planted firmly on her mattress as she thrusts her hips off the bed to meet my jackhammering strokes.

“OH YEAH! OH F–K! BRANDOOOOOON!” Lauren screams, thrashing her head from side to side and digging her fingers into my back as her o—-m hits her full force. My balls tighten and it takes only a couple more of these forceful strokes for me to join her.

F–k! My c–k lurches inside her scorching p—y as she clamps her muscles tightly around it and puts me over the top. We ride out the pulsating waves of pleasure as I jerkily discharge my heavy load into my sister’s sweltering c–t.

Our sweat-soaked bodies move as one, milking every last drop of pleasure from our incestuous union. We gulp big breaths of air before our lips again find each other but there is no lustful urgency in this languorous kiss, just contentment and… love. Yes, I love my sister in a very non-brotherly way.

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