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I was completely surprised I had even
managed to muster out Adams’ name.

My whole body felt utterly weak; almost
as if I were paralysed.
I knew I wasn’t
though, I could still feel the blanket that
was wrapped tightly around me but even
so, it was almost impossible to move.

Not only that; but it also felt like I
couldn’t talk.
My throat was unbelievably
dry and burnt whenever I attempted to
My arms, neck and legs all felt cramped;
almost as if I had been sleeping in the
same position for days.
But it honestly
felt like I had only been sleeping for
hours and the urge to go back to sleep
was growing stronger by the second.

I looked up into Adams’ deep brown
eyes as a few tears rolled down his
The corners of his lips were
stretched upwards into a large smile as
he attempted to wipe away his tears.
I couldn’t understand why he was crying or
why he was holding onto my hand so
“Oh, Jane…” He whispered out as he
pressed his lips against my forehead.
never thought I was going to see those
beautiful eyes again.”

It was so weird seeing him cry; in all my
years I’d never imagined I’d see Adams
Hurtz cry. But there he was, sitting right
next to me as tears streamed down his

He continued to mumble things
that were completely incoherent to me.
I think he might have been saying
something along the lines of: oh thank
God, your awake, I knew you’d pull
through and just a bunch of other weird

things like that.

My eye lids continued to grow heavier as
I let them slightly fall down.
I tried speaking to Adams; it hurt so badly
but I felt I needed to tell him.

think…I’m g-going…to go…back…to
Instantly the smile on Adams’ face
vanished as it was replaced by concern.
“No, no, Jane. Don’t go back to bed,
stay awake.”

The tears in his eyes
stopped falling as he held tightly onto my
hand; slightly he began to shake it. “Stay
awake, Jane. Please!”
I glanced at him a little confused; why
did it matter? Why did he care if I went
to sleep?
“B-But…I’m tired…” I barely whispered.

“No, Jane! You have to stay awake!”
was now beginning to yell.
Nurse! Someone, please!”
Doctor? I thought to myself, what on
earth was he talking about?
Finally I began to glance around the room I was
in; it was at that moment when I realized
I was hooked up to some kind of Hospital
With a little more analysing, I
noticed I was in a Hospital room and
lying on a Hospital bed.
“W-What’s going on?” I looked up at
Adams fearfully.
My pulse began to
quicken as fear and confusion mixed
together inside me.
“Jane! Thank God, you’re awake.” I
turned to see a lady with a light blue
uniform on, “I’ll go fetch Dr. Moore.”
nurse said with excitement before
rushing out of the room.

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