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Another Week Later…

Adams’ P.O.V Continues…

I stared out of the Hospital window;
looking to the west as the sun began to
disappear behind the large mountain on
the other side of McLasgidin.
That same mountain was the place I had brought
Jane and somewhere along that
mountain was the cliff that I seemed to
find so much comfort in.
Usually when I had a lot on my mind, or when I just
needed to get away from reality for a
while I would go there. But apparently
even that cliff couldn’t give me the
comfort I needed.
Every morning I would watch the sun rise
above the ocean on the east side.

Each time the sun would rise; so would my
hopes. A new day had begun and with
this new day my faith in Jane’s
awakening would resurface.
But as every day came to an end and as I watched the
sun set in the west behind those large
mountains; it felt like a part of my soul
would disappear with it.
Each day it seemed to get worse and worse.
I would spend almost every day completely
emotionless; I couldn’t remember the
last time I laughed…

Well, actually I
could. It was four weeks ago; right after
Jane had punched Tabitha in the face
and we were speeding off in my Truck.
The only thing that kept reminding me
that I was still human and that I wasn’t a
complete emotionless psycho path was
when I cried.
I would sit at Jane’s bedside;
staring at her motionless body,
praying and begging for her to wake up.
But aside from the few tears I shed
regularly; my facial expression stayed

My strength to even attempt to
fake a smile had vanished; the only time
I spoke was to Jane and I felt like there
was a large void inside me. But I knew I
would never leave her and I would stay
at her side forever if I had too.
I turned back around to look over at the
hospital bed in which Jane la!d
peacefully asleep.
I sighed before slowly
walking over to the large bouquet of
white lilies that sat on the bedside table
next to a cute little brown teddy bear.

My fingers trailed along the stem of the
flower as I inhaled the fragrant sent I
was beginning to grow so use to.
Every week I would go to the Hospital gift shop
and replace the lilies with new ones.
I let my fingers fall away from the
flowers as I moved towards the bed;
taking my place on the seat next to
Jane. I reached my hand towards her
before intertwining my fingers through
her small ones.

I rest my head on her
bed as I looked up to her closed eyes.
“How’s she doing today…?”
I looked up to the sound of my brother’s voice.

Brandon and Dorcas were standing in the
doorway, hand in hand, looking down at
Jane and I with sympathetic facial
expressions. I slightly bit down on my lip
before shaking my head slowly.
Dorcas let go of Brandon as she walked
over to the side of the hospital bed.
“Hey Jane.” Dorcas said; trying to sound
“Me and Brandon are here…
We can’t stay long because well, him and I
are performing in Romeo and Juliet at
the school today.
Yeah we both managed
to get the two main roles in the play.”
I saw the shimmering wetness that
glazed over her eyes as she spoke.
Talking to Jane was always the hardest
part; for all of us.
Suddenly I felt Jane’s hand slightly
tighten around mine as my eyes flung
open and I jerked into an upright
“Dr. Moore, Someone, come
here!?” I yelled as water filled my eyes
once again.

I quickly glanced towards her
face; the feeling of her fingers still
slightly moving against mine shot tingles
through my entire body.
Her closed eye lids slightly fluttered as I
sat there in anticipation.
“Jane, come on!” I said with a shaky
“You can do it, just open your

Please, Jane…I know you can pull
I watched her as her eye lids slowly
began to rise upwards. Her sandy colored
eyes soon found their way to me as tears
streamed down my face.

I felt completely paralyzed, all I could do we
sit there and stare at her as tears of joy
continued to flow down my face.
Jane’s voice came out so
weak and yet it was as harmonic as ever.

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