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Everyone is prone to mistakes, but one’s mistake should not be
used to justify one’s personality. According to Alexander pope,
To err is human, to forgive, divine. Amaka made a mistake but it
takes forgiveness to quench every iota of hatred.


06:12am. It was a cold morning as the ever cool Nsukka breeze
penetrated into Room 7 through the window, after several failed
attempt Emeka finally stood up from bed, his bladder was full and
instead of going into the toilet to ease himself he stepped outside
the room to do the needful, it’s a norm for guys to urinate outside
the house, don’t ask me why cause i don’t know. Few minutes
later he was done emptying the contents and made back into the
room then picked his mouthwash and paste, he took a cup of
water and also stepped outside to brush his teeth, he went to the
southern side of Room 7 where the window was and stood there
brushing or should i say fighting with his tooth.

The transparent glass window acted as a mirror outside where
one could see his reflection so Emeka was using it to examine
the whiteness of his tooth, he had been brushing for
approximately ten minutes and it didn’t seemed like he was going
to stop any moment further. Alot of pretty girls would be present
at the clearance and like the saying goes ‘first impression
matters alot.’ Chinedu who was in the kitchen preparing
concortion rice stepped into the room and saw the way Emeka
was brushing which made him bursted into laughter, it as though
the window was soundproof because Emeka could not hear him

so he proceeded towards the window and began to mimick
Emeka by doing exactly what he was doing. Just then Emeka
shove the toothbrush into his throat and brought out his tongue
like a dog which made Chinedu fell to the floor laughing off his
a’rse. Emeka was done fighting with his tooth so he made into
the room and saw Chinedu laughing hysterically like a mad man.
“guy, wetin make you dey laugh like mad man?” emeka asked,
with a confused look.

“chai, na you be the mad man naw, see you way you dey brush
your teeth like say you and your mouth dey fight.” chinedu finally
said, holding back laughter.
“i’diot, nai make you dey laugh like pussi, you nor know say i go
talk to alot of people today. i no want make my mouth dey smell
bad naw.” emeka said, defending himself.
“people like girls abi?” chinedu blurted.
“na you sabi, i dey go baff up.” emeka said and walked into the

Immediately Emeka poured the first bowl of water on his body he
screamed because of its coldness which made Chinedu to burst
into another round of laugher, he was already used to the cold
weather whenever it comes. Five minutes later, Emeka stepped
out from the bathroom shaking like a jelly fish, he quickly dried
his body with a towel and wore his clothes which he had already
ironed the previous day. The concortion rice Chinedu was
cooking was done so they ate and off Emeka left for his

The bike Emeka boarded got to the centre for the clearance and
Emeka alighted, as expected thousands of prospective jambite
clouded the atmosphere, he scanned the area and noticed alot of
pretty girls that lurks about, he smiled and bounced towards the
building. After confirming from some students, Emeka was
directed to an office where he would collect his fresh students’
registration form, student information form and course
registration form. He filled the forms and then went to his HOD’s
office to submit his admission letter and also collected a
verification form. He did everything that was required and the
HOD signed all the forms.

The next thing he needed to do was medicals, Emeka’s heart
slipped a beat when he was told to go to the school clinic to get
a medical receipt proving his psyche, alot of thought ran through
his mind like what if he had contracted a deadly virus? He got to
the clinic and saw a very long queue, on seeing the queue he felt
like fainting because he had exhausted his whole energy. Three
hours later he got access into the hospital and a nurse gave him
a rubber container which he would urinate in, Emeka reluctantly
took it and headed to the back of the hospital to do his thing, on
his way there he saw some guys peeing into their container
without minding who was looking at them, Emeka hid behind a
plantain and unleashed his beast, a lady who was also peeing
inside a bush came out and saw his d’ike, she just gave him a
smile and left while Emeka wore a grimace look.
Emeka took his pee container which had his name written on the
side with him and stayed in another long queue.

Four hours later
they were still on the queue, it was getting late then he saw some
guys pushing two ladies out of another queue opposite him, he
shrugged and look clearly to see that one of the ladies was Ada,
Emeka got vexed and walked towards them.

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