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"What was that for?"
Eve questioned and stopped him when he attempted to walk out
He stopped to face her, she was extremely furious, who does he think he his to control her like his property?
"Why did you send Bruno out, your childhood friend?"
He scoffed at her question
"Childhood what? He is my grandfather's bodyguard..I just knew him last year..I never had any friend"
She was taken aback a little, why would Bruno lie to her..
"But that doesn't gives you the right to send him out like that"
She still protested
"It's my house, you belong to me"
That word again, it infuriated her
"I belong to no one!"
He paced, them turned to face her before he spoke from a clenched teeth
"Yet you opened your mouth to say 'same here' the moment he asked you cheap"
Oh she understood now, he was jealous?
"Wait, is that what this is about?"
He didn't answer, he attempted to walk out again but she held him back, he was really trying to keep it in but she was pushing him
"Yes! Yes!! interested in you OK..there is something about you I can't explain, this attraction I can't kill, its like you are part of me, you understand"
She didn't want to hear anymore, she hushed and interrupted him
"Stop it stop it"
She had to think here, this Simon is going to land her in big trouble
"Let me go"
She struggled when he stopped her from running off
"Come on Eve, you wouldn't deny you are not attracted to me too, I see the way you look at me, don't you feel the connection? I know you feel it"

Her breathe was going unstable, her heart was racing fast, really fast..
"Simon stop, please"
She was growing weak as he reached for her this can't happen, what if he finds out she was just in for the money? He would be hurt all over again..and Mr Nkoli, no it can't be
"Let me go!"
She withdrew with all the feminine strength she had left and got freed..she hurried out in tears..oh no this isn't happening..
Simon didn't know what to feel, should he go after her..he knew Eve was attracted to him, he could feel it..what was holding her back..he called the director and cancelled their trip to Abuja, with their present state he wasn't sure their Romantic movie would go well
Eve was confused here, God what does she do now? Does she feel the same way? But she likes Bruno..the worst has happened, or so she thought before Bruno called her
"Grandfather wants to see you now"

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