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Eve should have left when life in the mansion was still simple.. But she didn't, trusting herself to be in control

"Emm, I think I still need to watch him for a week or two"

She persisted against Bruno's idea..Bruno was quiet for a while..was Eve getting attracted to Simon already? She averted his eyes and kept her head down.. There was only one way to find out

"Eve I am interested in you, I just can't explain my attraction to you"

His words sent her off balance, this was her crush..the man of her dreams, actually pouring out his feelings to her when she least expected..she stuttered and answered quickly

"Same here"

Bruno smiled, it was confirmed then, she wasn't attracted to Simon..unfortunately Simon heard her..he had decided to take a stroll out when he overheard their she likes Bruno, hmm..what is that to him anyway, he started back upstairs.. But as he moved her words began to reverberate in his ears.."same here"

He was can Bruno just come Into his house and take his property..

"So I am guessing we should go out on an official date then"

Bruno suggested and extended his hands to help her up..she couldnt believe she just agreed to Bruno's offer just like that..what was she thinking..she knew he must be thinking she was cheap now..


She didn't drop the word Simon charged in and interrupted her

"Ok Bruno you have overstayed your welcome, please use the door"


Both Bruno and Eve questioned in unison..Bruno couldn't believe Simon. He made an attempt to say something

"I said leave"

Simon repeated himself just for him to know he was damn serious..

"Then I am going with him"

Eve said and attempted to go after Bruno but Simon was quick to draw her back..

"Don't move an inch.. You are mine"

Bruno gasped in shock..oh no..he hurried to Mr Nkoli immediately.. This was getting out of hands already

"Grandfather we have a situation"

He met Mr Nkoli sipping his green tea as usual

"Lemme guess, Eve has fallen for Simon as expected" he said and sipped from his tea
"No grandfather, its the other way round..I couldn't believe it myself, Simon has fallen for her"

Hiscup of tea fell from his hands..

"Simon? Unbelievable that bastard is not capable of love"

"What am saying is the truth sir, he even asked me out of his house because of Eve"

Mr Nkoli stood up..

"Then its time she leaves that house..else she would ruin our her to meet me up"

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