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She attempted to hide but she had been spotted already

"Eve?..what are you doing here?"

her mother asked as she approached Eve with a questionably face..

"I emm.."

Yvonne approached with that sterned face
"mum Simon is your son?"

Eve changed the topic to a more pending issue
"yes..don't worry he is adopted"

she was relieved but she couldn't help but think how heartless her mother can be..she classified the simon like something she just bought from the market

"mum he is your son for God sake, not a prized commodity"
she scoffed it off..

"oh come on Eve, in this world its all business, love is for the weak..feelings is for the ignorant..all you need is be of ambitious, trample anyone who stands on your way..get what you want no matter the cost"

Eve took two steps backwards..

"stay away from me"

she requested, the woman was a devil, she couldn't believe she had this kind of woman as her mother

"whatever you say sweetie..whenever you are ready, you would come to me..for now I have to see that boy"

"you wouldn't go near him"

Eve stopped her, there is no way she would let her get to him at that state..


Eve knew her mother well, Yvonne was ruthless but when it comes to Eve, it was just her weakness

"you've not told me what you are doing here Eve"

Yvonne had long divorced her husband, she loved her independent live, though she abandoned Simon with his father who made life miserable for him..she had her own money, she had her substance..but she still had a bond with Simon, so she visited..she cared but she wouldn't show it to him

"I came to visit"

Eve lied, although she knew her mother wasn't a fool

"Tell Simon I came around, I have a meeting to attend"

what a relief, she couldn't still believe her mother was Simon's foster mother.. and simon, he had not come out of his room since morning, maybe he had forgotten they were supposed to leave for Abuja that very day..

Bruno came around..her crush.. the guy was just too sweet..he bought her flowers and pecked her before he listened to all the gists she had to say..she had made him watch over her family while she was in the mansion

"any progress with Simon?"
Bruno asked..

"yeah, he is not that bad tho..he has changed alot"

she was proud saying it..she had done a good job..

"if that's the case, it means you can now leave the mansion"

her brain replayed the words..she stammered and added some sweet lies, there is no way she would leave Simon..

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