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He initially felt embarrassed, this was a secret even Bruno doesn't know..he always had that particular nightmare of his father right from tender age, how his father had tried to strangled him to death at age 9, how he tried to drown him at age he always locked him inside his cupboard for plays repeatedly, in his subconscious mind..all the hurt, all the emotional trauma..he was truly damaged..

"It's OK, its can trust me..please"
She beckoned and extended her hands..he hesitated with his head bowed..since he wasn't coming she climbed the bed..he tried to move but she held his arm..
"Come here"
She brought him to lie on her chest..he could feel her heart beat so fast, for a moment there it was really awkward as she soothed his hair..
He attempted to say something but she hushed him..
"Sshhh, tell me about it tomorrow"
It was becoming comfortable for both of them, then relaxing.. He fell asleep..he was becoming too heavy for her to carry, she gently tried her best to remove his head and placed it on his pillow, he noticed and drew her back onto the bed when she tried to go out..he cuddled her
"Stay with me"
She didn't know if what she was doing was actually right, was she going too far with this? He wouldn't let her go..although she wouldn't deny she loved his muscular arms around her..she thought wide, what could happen if she eventually falls for him..?how he would react if he finds out she was paid to prepare him as a business tool..?he fell asleep, she did too..
He woke up the next morning and found out she had left early..he didnt know if he could face her after what she had seen..he remained in his room..
Eve got a call from her biological mother again..she ignored it..she considered the woman a curse..yes she knows her biological mother, who was simply the richest in the whole city, a woman of power and substance..she was the sole owner of "Sara corps Ltd" both mother and daughter and found themselves two years back..but then, Eve never considered Yvonne as her mother..she was ruthless, cruel and ambitious, Yvonne abandoned her as a baby to seek wealth and came back to seek for her when God had sealed her womb..she had chose to live in poverty than to live with her biological mother..Well as said from the Beginning, this is a long complicated story, because out of the blue, she saw her mother March into Simon's mansion and requested

"Where is my son?"

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