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During my last trip to my hometown for a cousin’s marriage ceremony, I decided to visit the Ethiope River that ran through the town.

The is one of the main tourist attractions in the town. The god/goddess of the river happened to be very friendly as we barely heard stories of swimmers drowning, except for a few cases of careless and amateur swimmers who almost got drowned.

Therefore for this reason, people would always troop to the river to bathe, swim; wash-clothes, rugs, cars etc.

On this hot Saturday afternoon, a day after the marriage ceremony while guests who slept over were leaving, I decided to take a stroll to the stream.

Getting there, there were so many people because it was weekend. Men and guys in shorts, women and girls in swimming trunks, some children in pan’ts and others unclad.

I tried to take a good view of the area if I could see some of my former classmates back in Secondary school. A few familiar faces here and there but none were my former classmates. So I decided to get out of my clothes and get ready for a swim.

Minutes later, I was in a shorts and a white singlet. I strolled to the side where some guys were throwing ball around in the water and I joined in. I was really enjoying myself till I raised my head and saw a familiar face.

Ann and I finished from the same school in the same year. She was in the art class while I was in science. I had always wanted to get into the thing between her legs back in the days but she always played hard-to-get. Therefore I got discouraged and pursued other girls.

I walked up quietly to where Ann was seated on a bucket turned upside down. I decided to play that familiar game we all did when we were younger. From behind, I covered her face with my palms. She struggled, but I held on firmly.

Then she relaxed and tried to guess who I was.
“Peter!” she said, but I held on.
“Ejiro”. I was unmoved.
“Ovie, its you Ovie!” she exclaimed, but I still held on.

She then pleaded for me to let go and I did. I saw the surprise on her face when she turned to face me.
“Richie!” she shouted.
“Where did you appear from?”
“When did you get back?”
“What are you doing here?”
The questions went on and on and I kept answering. While we continued chatting, she told me how she had gained admission and was in 300 level in UNIBEN, and she had come to get supplies. I told her I was home for a cousin’s marriage ceremony.

Mehn Ann had changed greatly. She had grown taller and her curves were intimidating. I noticed I was almost having an erec’tion from trying to imagine what it would feel like to explore those things she so denied me.

It was really nice to see her again after so many years. I almost had a breakthrough with her back in the days until she started putting up attitude. I could remember pressing her against the wall of our school library one day when we were on Prefects’ duty. I had woken up with a serious erec’tion and was so hor’ny that morning that I could not control myself. I tried to sq££ze her brea’sts as she kept struggling to free herself until we heard movements coming towards our direction and I released her. I would catch her another day, I promised myself. But I never did until we passed out of school and I left town.

We spent the day together talking, playing and of course swimming, while I tried very hard to control my erec’tion.
We later decided to trek back home together.
Though my place wasn’t too far from the stream, but halfway through the trek, the cloud suddenly changed and it began to rain.
We couldn’t get a bike and we were far from the nearest shelter therefore we got drenched. So I suggested we just manage to my place. By the time we got there we were already shivering from cold. We entered the compound and went straight to the room I shared with my younger brother. Luckily, he wasn’t around.

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