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Must Read: Legend Of The Fucckers (18+)
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” Do you like Sexxx” Edora asked me while lying on the same small bed with me.
” Ofcourse I love s*x, who doesnt like s*x” I answered.
She was wearing a transparent night gown, that type of nightie that torments you if you had

no hope of slipping them off the host body.
” What are you people doing in Portugal” I asked.
” We are students at the University” she replied.

She asked if i liked football which i denied, despite being a die-hard Manchester United fan. I figured out the discussion was heading towards Pele, Ronaldino and co.. I didnt want football lessons especially when two Yellow breasts pointed at me.

She Climbed on top of me and started working on my Tips. My whole body responded to that as i slipped her slimmy night gown over her head and grabbed her two dangling melons with both hands and sq££zed them gently. I sat up and sU-Cked on them one after the other as she threw her long-haired head backwards exposing the melons even more.

The door opened and Lisa entered the room wearing just a bumshort and bra.

-Today na today-
Lisa moved behind me started rubbing my back.

I was still busy succking away on Edora’s b0s0m when Lisa slipped her hand inside my Boxers and brought out my hard standing J0yst!ck.

-So ths girls were going to do double on me, I was ready for them-

Edora stood up and removed her pants while i turned and succked on Lisa’s two balls. Then Edora sat back na*ked on the bed and lowered her mouth to swallow my JT. I screamed out in pleasure as she pumped in and out on my dicck. I was still working on Lisa’s breaasts but the pleasure from the Mouth Gig was too much to handle, so i removed my mouth and lay on the bed with my back.

I surrendered my body to those Brazil ambassadors hoping for the best.

They changed positions as Edora took over my d!ckk while Lisa kssed my mouth, my Tips, my tummy and my neck. my mind was racing like Michael Schumacher on a formula One grand prix. I couldnt chose which torrent of pleasure to follow. The whole experence was a new one and i was just powerless.

After a few minutes, Edora asked if i had condom. I pointed towards my wallet on the window. She handed it to me. I gave her a role of four condoms. She opened one, slipped it on my J0yst!ck and mounted it. Lisa was still busy bending over me while i sU-Ckked her bre*asts. The pleasure coming from Edora’s ride downstairs suppassed the pleasure i was getting from succking the melons, so i gave that one up. After a few fvucking by Edora, she got up and Lisa climbed.

-Luckily for me, alcohol has a way of holding my spermz from coming out on time, i could fvck for an hour without coming under the iinfluence of redwine or Guinness stout-
A while later, I told Lisa to get up. I stood up and motioned Edora to lie on the bed. She did. I also asked Lisa to lie by her side. I mounted Edora slowly and inserted the whole length of my dicck into her wet Well while i inserted two left hand fingers into Lisa,s Well. I balanced the two movements expertly that i even wondered where i learnt that. They both m0aned while i pumperd and fingered away in ecstacy. I later changed the positions by Slipping my J0yst!ck into Lisa while two fingers of my right hand went into Edora.

After a few more minutes, I came and slowly climbed down. I went into the bathroom and removed my condom. I returned to the room and saw both of them kissing each other.
-what!! l£sb!ans- while should i care anyway-
I went back to the palour Unclad to smoke a marlboro menthol and give the chance to do their thing.

About 15 minutes later, Lisa came out and entered her room after waving at me. I went back into the room and met Edora still lying Unclad on the bed.
My dicck has gotten excited again and was standing. I tapped her and she opened her eyes. I wanted to ask if she was already tired but i knew the answer could be negative, so i kissed her bare breasts and moved down to her belly button. She responded. I wanted to find out if she was ready for it again, so i got out of bed and pulled her hand to follow me. She did. I turned her around and asked her to bed and hold the bed. A wet red-lipped Well stared at me. I slipped a condom on and mounted her from behind.

My J0yst!ck went in in one sweet movement and the pumping started.

I pumped continuosly for several minutes as she climaxed twice while my spermz refused to come out.

She m0an loud again and again and pushed her ar*se against the flow of my J0yst!ck. We fvcked for over twenty minutes before i exploded. I gently lowered her onto the bed and covered her with sheets.

I went back to the bathroom and cleaned up.

As i lay beside her to sleep, i heard
” Muito Obrigado” from her. i later found out it meant ” Thank you very much” in Portuguese.
We slept off until late in the morning before i left.
watch out for my trip to France with Naomi.

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