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(The door bursts open and Charles rushes in panting, rushes straight to the bed)

Charles: What happened? Daddy! Mummy! Doris said you were admitted! Emmanuel what happened?

Emmanuel: Daddy had a heart at (Mummy interrupts)
Mummy: Charles my Son, it’s okay now, Daddy took ill and it affected me, you know we are like Romeo and Juliet.(Laughs) well I am okay now sha! But Daddy will take a little longer, I decided to be well so I can take care of him (General laughter save for Charles)
Charles: (Faces Doris) Doris why are you doing this to me? Where did I go wrong? How can all these be happening and you did not call to tell me? I have been calling you all day to no avail! You are not picking my calls! What is my offence?

(He wipes off tears from his eyes) am I a stranger to your family? Should I not have been the first Person you call on when this happened?

You left me heartbroken since yesterday! I was a total wreck at work today because I could not connect with you! Why are you creating this gap in our marriage? (Wipes off tears from his eyes) why Doris?

Doris; (fall on her knees) my love, my Knight, my big Brother, I am sorry! (Wipes off tears) in the pandemonium of rushing Daddy to the Hospital, I forgot my Phone at home. And the events that have been happening could not make me remember to call you! (Wipes off tears) sweet heart I am sorry for everything, all the heartache, all the pains I have caused you I am sorry. This is a new Doris you are looking at. From this day I shall no longer call you Charles but ‘Okan mi” (My heart) because you are the reason my heart beats! I love you so much that I was afraid to show it. I was scared you would take my love for granted (cries aloud)

Charles: (pulls her up, hugs her passionately, and kisses her on the lips) Honey I don’t know where this sudden change is coming from but I love it. I cannot take you for granted. People wonder why Roses have Thorns but I thank God that Thorns have Roses! You have just brought Roses upon my Thorns. My love I will spoil you with love and care, I will make you the envy of your mates, I will become restless to guarantee your rest, you will blossom in my house that people will marvel! You shall radiate in your beauty that the glow worms will become envious!

My love! I love my new name “Okan mi” Our hearts shall beat together as one! I will laugh when you laugh! I will cry when you cry! Your pain is my pain! We shall be inseparable.

Doris: Okan mi! I shall respect you like my father, I shall play with you like a Brother, I shall believe in you and trust you like a demi god! I will make you a proud man! Your Friends shall be my friends!

Your Family my Family! Your enemies my enemies! Through thick and thin we shall wade together. I love you so much it hurts (wipe off tears as Okan mi draws her closer in a bear hug.

Mummy and Emmanuel approaches and embrace the Couple. Daddy tries with difficulty to get up and join the group, they saw him and all rush towards him as final light fades!)

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