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Nurse: It’s okay now, they are free to entertain visitors now (She exits)

Emmanuel: Thank you Nurse. Daddy how are you feeling now? And you too, mummy?

Mummy; (Tries to sit up on her bed, Doris gives her a helping hand) I am okay my dear, Daddy is my concern, honey how are you? (She moves to Daddy’s Bed and starts rubbing his head)

Daddy (Clears his throat) I feel strong but for the numbness I feel at my left side
Doris: The Doctor said you will be fine Daddy (She draws closer and holds Daddy’s hand)
Emmanuel: She said with a good therapist you will be up and bouncing in three months.

Daddy: Doris! Doris! (Doris moves closer to Daddy and puts her head on his Chest and arms around him) My baby Girl! I love you a lot; do you know why I love you?

Doris: Why Daddy?

Mummy: You are like him my dear; you are just like your Daddy.

Daddy: Yes my daughter! You are just like me.

And that is my fear, I had thought that growing up into a Lady and going into the University would change you but no! I was wrong, rather the University hardened you. My dear you are not a Man! You are a Woman and as such should act as one. Your strength and assertiveness should not be to challenge Men especially your husband but to support him to succeed in his endeavor!

Doris: Daddy I am so confused now, but is it too late to change?

Mummy: No my dear, it is never too late, do not be carried away by the Crusaders of “Women Liberation” you simply have to know that respect is reciprocal. Delete every negative and defensive mind set you have inculcated and start with a fresh and open mind set. Let love flow through you. That is how to be a Woman of virtue!

Daddy: Doris my Angel, do you know that if I had died yester night your Mother would not have survived?

Doris: God forbid! (Snaps) Daddy, please don’t talk of death! How can you even think of death now?

Daddy: My Daughter! We all are debtors to death.

Whenever the creditor comes knocking, you must pay up! If I die today I will not worry because before long your Mother will join me and we shall continue our love yonder. Also if your mother dies today I will join her the next day!

Emmanuel: Ahn ahn! Did you two swear an oath?

Mummy: (Laughing) Emmanuel you will not understand. But Daddy and I are inseparable.

Have you ever seen us quarrel?

Emmanuel: Come to think of it! No! So you two never quarrel or what?

Daddy: We do! In fact we quarrel a lot but we do not sleep on it, we never raise our voices at each other and we use sign language a lot.

Emmanuel: (Laughs) Yeah! I can attest to that.

You two can sell somebody with signs without the person knowing. (All laughs)

Daddy: So you see? We understand each other so much and that has brought about trust in our marriage. I can read the bitterness in your Mother when she if laughing, I can feel the joy in her soul even when she is crying. She is my life.

Mummy: Husband and Wife must not live as strangers on an Island. Your Spouse should be your best friend, your confidant, your soul mate!

No soul should come in between you two!

Not even your parent.

Doris: Oh my God! Where do I start from now Mummy? I got it all wrong! I developed this mind set when a man I loved so much jilted me in my second year at School. I believed you were just too weak that is why Daddy seems so strong and in charge. I could not show outward affection to any man again because I was hurt when I did that some years ago!

Daddy: That is it my Baby Girl, when a Horse throws you down from its back, climb and climb again! Sooner you will perfect at the art of Horse riding and a bond will be built between you and the Horse.

Doris: Can Charles forgive me? From now hence forth I am a changed person.

Daddy: That young Man is a husband any woman would wish for. I know a good man when I see one. You can make or mar your home; it’s all in your hands as the Woman of the House.

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