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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 72
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I was on my way to Eleme junction in Portharcourt though am not yet
sure if that is the exact place but i have to start from somewhere.

This bike is cool but is very slow or maybe am not use to riding this bike i used to ride power bike, when they close from their party they
will be surprise to see their security man dead, am not in a good move
so if you dont want to die dont step on my toes, talking about stepping toes a police van with heavy speed speed pass me almost
brushing me of the way, they are heavily loaded and they are in haste, good thing i hide the gun inside my long sleeve shirt, i wonder why they are running like that or maybe they are going to Eleme too were
am going, i think something is going on there thats why they called the police, let me chase them even though this bike is crap.

I was chasing them keeping my distance even though my bike is not fast at least i can still see their siren from afar so i continue following them, i was right because when they get to Eleme junction they turn to
the road going to Onne, i continue following them gently and getting to their park where they load passenger i started hearing gunshots, the police van quickly stop and all the armed men jump down from the
van and hide behind the van, i didnt follow the first road i continue driving as if i was going to Aba and then when i get to the other road
i stop and park the bike, before the Onne park on the left there is a tall building like six stories and the building is heavily fenced, i

believe thats where the gunshot came from and to confirm my thought they started shooting again, i know my men are in there so i started walking gently to the building i came down from the tarred road so that the police wont see me, i tiptoed to the building and climb the wall fence, i landed on the ground bend down, they are still shooting gun and the gunshots are coming from the front of the building while am at the back, i hold my gun gently with my two hands ready to shoot,
there was no light in the back of the building, but there was light in the front, the first floor of the building has already been shattered
with glasses everywhere, i jump inside the first floor from the back of the house and when i entered i saw some dead people on the floor, our girls and some other people I don’t know, i walk pass them and walk to the window in front of the building there i
saw operation fire for fire, bullets flying everywhere, Mabel and her gang are on the left side trying to run away while Tina and three others girls are on the right hand side chasing them, they are both
hiding in back of their car, i can see them clearly but they cant see me, Tina and her men cant move pass that spot because another person is firing them on the top of the building like a sniper, there is only two things i can do, either i follow back and shoot Mabel and i wont survive it because her men will probably kill me after i shoot her, or
i climb the stairs and kill the person disturbing my friends to move forward, i think i will follow the latter, i took my gun and started
climbing the stairs till i get to the fifth floor where i saw two girls at different window firing AK-47 like water, they didnt even
hear me coming in so i gently walk to the window and shoot the first
one on the leg the other one stop and wanted to shoot me but i was quicker i shoot her on her shoulder and she fell down in pain, she was still struggling to take her gun so i went to her and hit her on her head with the back of my gun, she passed out while the other raised her hands up, they look alike I think they are twince.

“so you girls are BA?” I ask the girl as I tie them together.

“yes, you must be the Ozila”
“yes and you are the stubborn twince”
“am taiye while she is kehinde”
“hmm, okay”
“are you not going to kill us?” the other girl asked as i wanted to walk away after tying them to a chair.

“i dont have any issue with you, maybe you will live to die another” i said walking away from the building.

The girls look alike and they really know
how to handle gun.

There were heavy gunshots outside it looks like Tina and her men have already move forward after i stop the twins, i ran down the building with my gun and when i get to the first floor and when i look at the window again there was no sign of Mabel nor Tina, everywhere was quiet now so i gently walk outside and get to the place were i saw Tina
earlier, i saw two of our girls down but it looks like they are still breathing, i pull them up and ask, “were is Tina?” she cant say
shes almost dying so i drop her there and walk to the other one, when
she saw me coming she point to the east, so i got the message and walk out from them running to the place where i saw Mabel earlier with my gun ready to shoot, when i get there they were all gone, i heard another gunshot in Eleme junction so i quickly ran to the front of the building and as i open the gate i saw six police men coming, i close
the gate quickly and run to the back of the building were i came from i climb the wall and jump down i started running to Eleme junction
when i get there i saw six people in shadow their face was dark, i move closer to know who they are they didnt see me because i was down the tarred road, when i look up again i saw Edna, Tina and one other
girl facing Jack and two guys, they were holding guns to each others head, but where is Mabel i wondered, not far from them, there in the middle of Eleme road i saw a car moving so i quickly ran to were i kept my
bike and start it, i started chasing the camry car with heavy speed, because of the street light i was able to detect the face of the
person inside and it is none other person than Mabel, she was running away and when she saw me chasing her she took her gun and started shooting me while riding, i took my AK-47 and started firing at her car too, my bullet shattered the back glass of her car, we continue chasing each other till we get to airforce were she revise the car and
use it to face me, i stop the bike and throttle the bike very well, we were far away and if we jam i will probably sustain more injury, she
started the car and me too i start my bike, as we were getting closer i throw away my AK47 and stand very well on the bike, i use my right
hand to bring my pistle from the back and bullet her head, unfortunately i miss and the bullet scrape her shoulder, as she wanted
to brush my bike i jump up from the bike and fell on the other side of the road while her camry use her head to go and destroy the airforce parkspot, i manage to stand up walking to her struggling with my gun on my
right hand drawing one leg on the ground, i get there and saw her trying to come out of the car, i pointed the gun at her.

“Ozila dont do this” now she want to beg.

“because i still love you and i believe you love me too” trying to get to me.
“am not here for word Mabel, goodbye” as i wanted to squize the trigger i heard a gunshot in front of me, i look front and saw a car pulled up and guess what, Jack took Edna out with gun on her head.

“if you kill her she dies” he said with blood gushing out his mouth.

“Edna” i blasted, “let her go you son of a b---h” i said with anger.

“you want her to live then drop your gun and walk away from there now”
“okay okay just chill” i wanted to drop my gun when Edna shouted at me
“dont do it, kill her now this is your chance” i paused for a moment and started thinking,
“what are you waiting for?” he asked.
If i try to play smart Jack will kill her and if i drop my gun he will kill her and still kill me so the best decision is to play smart.

I was bending down dropping my gun gently then from nowhere a heavy toyota highlander came and brush Jack and Edna from the road, i was shocked in that i rush to the scene and saw Edna in a pool of blood, she was still breathing when Tina with blood all over her body came out from the car and put
bullet into jack’s head, i was surprise why Tina will do this kind thing.

“why Tina, why did you hit her?”
“am sorry but she wasnt the target, but unfortunately things happened.” she said cracking her gun and walking to were Mabel is, i raised Edna up and put her on the car, i started the car but Tina used her gun to burst the tire of the car.

“what are you doing?”
“were are you going?”
“to the hospital of course.”
“you and i both know that cant happen, here is mabel take your gun out and kill her,” she brought Mabel in front of the van and stand there waiting for me to come down.

“no you do it yourself, am taking Edna to the hospital whether you like it or not” i said starting the car, Tina made Mabel to kneel down in front of the van and then point the gun on her head, i look at Mabel’s
face and heard her say “am sorry for everything.” she was crying with
blood coming out of her mouth, i felt pity on her as Tina blow her head to pieces, i started the car and started driving away from Tina, i
look back and saw her looking at me with gun on her hand she was making a call, am going to the hospital whether she likes it or not, how can she do something like this? Everything that happened is because of her, she killed
Mabel boyfriend and also burst Mabel’s head, what was her crime? I did
everything to revenge her death just like what Mabel did too, so categorically we are the bang gang, i have join bang gang and now that
they are all dead am leaving the cult for real, i will breakup with Tina and go far away with Edna, she will never see me again afterall
my love for her died long ago after mourning her death, now that shes back there is no way am going back because am in love with Edna not Tina,.

I was thinking out loud with Edna on the back sit still soak with blood, i look back and saw her breathing quietly, i think she will

I was still driving when a heavy trunk coming from waterline road came and brush us of the road, our van summersault three times landing ontop one gutter on the other lane, when i manage to open my eyes i
saw Edna telling me to run, i look from the other side and saw three
girls coming towards us with guns one of them is Lady Gaga, they cant see me so i manage to carry Edna and we both jump inside the gutter with lots of erosion, and hide under one passway road, they point their gun to the car and then I heard
“Miss Tina sends her regards, enjoy your honeymoon in hell” the ladies open fire they shoot the van till it explode, they left without checking if we are inside or not, as they left I look outside the gutter and saw Gaga
making a call to another person.

Watch out for Season 5: Judgement day (starts in three days)
Battle between Edna and Tina.

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