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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 70
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The next day around seven in the evening i was riding Edna Power bike to garrison park in port harcourt, i just got a call from mabel an
hour ago telling me that she’s there already waiting for me, i guess she planned it all along, what about me? Do i have any plan at all? Oh well i guess we will have to wait to find out right?

I took only my phone i didn’t even bother to carry gun i want to show her that yes am a man and she shouldn’t be messing with me, am strong now i have knowlege about how to be a bad guy and i even practice it
in Abuloma before been hijacked by her and jack, she caught me before but this time am well prepared so lets see how this will play out.

I passed waterline before getting to Garrison, i stop the power bike in front of the park, i saw so many people coming down from bus while some are trying to get in, i look around trying to figure out Mabel from the huge crowd, i look everywhere but i didn’t see her so i took my phone out and called her, i called thrice but she didn’t pick so i went
to the park and sat down there, after like fifteen minutes of waiting i saw someone wearing full cardigan covering his or her face with it, my mind was telling me that the person is Mabel, i was right though
because she came to were i was sitting and sat down, her face was still covered.

“hello love.” i recognised her voice at once.
“you came late what happened?” i asked.
She removed the cap from her head and then look at me with her beautiful face she used to entice me back then.

“i had to check if you came with anybody, i was here since six o clock” she said trying to look innocent to me.

“so are you done checking or you still need more time to check?” i said trying to sound careless.

“you know i thought you will be easy to kill, i never knew you will be this bad or you will cause so many trouble like this, if i knew
then i would have end you myself.”
“oh well too late now right? Am not the one causing trouble here, you are the one causing trouble, going over the mountain to look for
revenge” i said.

She look at me and then look straight to the road, “yes i wanted revenge then but didn’t get it, you thought Tina was dead and you went on killing spree, if i know better i will say you are the one that went to the moutain to look for revenge” she was right though i went on killing spree, stealing and doing all sought of things to revenge Tina that was not dead, now that she’s back what am I fighting for?.

“let us settle this in a mature way, all the forces in port harcourt are looking for us, you killed my friends catherine and stephaine, i
want revenge too but revenge won’t bring them back, let us end it here and spare the calamity and death of our love ones” i said.
Mabel look at me in a sad way and then i know she won’t rest till Tina is dead.
“i was thinking killing Tina will be enough, but i was wrong i will kill you and watch her grieve just like i did when she killed my

“if you think killing me is easy why am still alive?” i asked.

“that is something am still trying to figure out” as she said that she started laughing out loudly, i don’t know why she’s laughing but i think something is wrong, as she was laughing she came down from the seat and started walking away so i asked, “were are you going?”
“am going of course” she said, i stood up too and as i wanted to move a step away from the park i saw a missile coming from the big unity bank in front of the park
across the road, coming straight at me from afar and there are many people here.

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