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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 68
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I walk out of the house with my gun, everywhere was dark but i use the
touch from my phone to support myself, i walk to the river and sat down on the ground thinking,.

It has been a long journey, from Ogute to Auchi and now Portharcourt,

i was an innocent kid from the beginning who only cares about how to satisfy my d!ckson, that is how my d!ckson land me in trouble in
Mabel’s house where i was strongly beaten by her father for sleeping with her in her father’s house, i was later released and on my way back i saw my ex girlfriend or rather sugar mummy called Celestina,
she took advantage of me in school then and since then my urge for sex
has increased, when we later saw each other’s after the brouhaha in Mabel’s house we resume our love and that’s how i fell for her again, she is the leader of a strong group and she ran away from Auchi because she killed another gang leader, she came to Ogute to hide where she later reconcilled with me, after seeing that am her weak leak the other gangs members kidnapped me and took me to an uncompleted building and
with Celestina coming to rescue me she was killed there though she manage to survivie, after her death i promise to revenge the person that killed her so i ran away to Auchi and that’s where my love for Edna (Celestina Right hand girl) started growing, we overcome the brouhaha in Auchi and i manage to escape to Portharcourt where i met some bad and professional thief, i join them to steal for a while until Jack the brother to the gang leader that Celestina killed showed

up in portharcourt, he continue to hurt me by killing a police man and then set me up for it, the police took me in but i manage to escape
thanks to Stephaine and Catherine (Celestina girls), on our way out of portharcourt now Jack intercept us again and started chasing us,
police block our way and the only way out is to fight Jack and his gang, we tried to fight them but their force were stronger than ours
so they killed Stephaine and Catherine, and that is when their real leader showed up, and guess who the person is my ex girlfriend Mabel,

she was the lover of the gang leader who Celestina killed from the beginning, she wanted to kill me on the spot but i manage to escape and jump down from a bridge, the girl i thought was dead (celestina) rescued me from the river and that is where the next part of my story began.

i was still thinking out loud when someone scared me from my back.

“why are you here alone?” i was shocked and i quickly took my gun and aim it at the person, when i saw that it’s Edna i quickly drop my gun.

Me: you scared me.
Edna: am sorry, (she came to me and sat down) Tina is looking for you.
Me: and i guess she send you to call me.
Edna: no she didn’t, she was looking for you when i saw her and ask her
what is it .

Me: so you came on your own?
Edna: yes,.

Me: how did you know i was here?
Edna: oh well because this is the only nice place to be in this area.

Me: hmmmm why is she looking for me?
Edna: i don’t know maybe she need you na, have you guys sexx since she return?

Me: no, why?
Edna: maybe she want it.
Me: i don’t know, i did many things thinking she was dead and now she pump out from nowhere,.

Edna: anything bad or you prefer her not to come at all?

Me: not that.
Edna: then what is it?
Me: well, ermmm just forget then.
Edna: hmmm okay, am going.

She stood up and as she wanted to walk away i hold her hands and make her to sit back, i fall her on the ground and started kissing her,
she paused for a while before she turn me over and started unziping my trouser, she move one side and remove her trouser and pant, i fall her again after removing my shot and we started kissing, still ontop her
she use her right hand to direct my d!ckson ontop her and then i started fvckinng her very hard, i was doing it faster till she fall me
down and started fvcking me very fast, i turn her over and overtake her again, i was ontop now fvcking her and smoching her booobs, i push her shirt up and started svcking her booobs and also fvcking her, she
push me off again and turn her a-s to me while i move closer to her
with both of us on the ground lying down, i enter from behind and continue fvcking her roughly, we continue the karate for ten minutes till i came ontop her,.

After the sex we were breathing heavily when i look at the bush close to our house and saw someone with touchlight moving away.

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