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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 67
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Me: hello, they caught you guys?

Ben: no not really am calling because am hearing gunshots over there i taught they caught you guys.

Me: no we are fine i think they caught the thugs.

Ben: oh that’s better, you guys should remain in hiding.

Me: same with you too.
we remain on our bike watching the tarred road with both of our heads down and Edna’s hands on the throtle ready to speed off incase of emergency,.

Me: do you think they capture them?
Edna: for our own sake i hope they do.
Me: yeah that’s what am praying too.

after thirty minutes the two army van pass plus the car that the gangs took, once we saw them pass i quickly called Benita and told her to start coming now now, we wait for thirty minutes before we saw them pass and as they pass Edna start the bike and ran after them, we overtake them and ran to the front again where they continue following us gently, we enter into the main city and drive to the area where our bungalow is, we enter the street and within seconds we pack
our bike in front of the bungalow, the girls pack their cars one by one and they all came down from the car with joy and happiness, Tina came out from the house and when she saw me she ran to me and hug me
very passionately even i was surprise self,.
She left me and started hugging her girls one by one while i went inside the house and saw another surprise, i saw Lady Gaga tied up on
one of the pillar inside the house and then i quickly called Tina and ask her what’s going on.

Tina: she’s the mole dear (said Tina as she walk inside the sitting room with the new girls looking surprise).

Edna: i knew it, she’s the only one that know when the girls will come.

Gaga: i had to do it for my girls.
Edna: by using us as a sacrifice abi?
Edna took her gun out and wanted to shoot Gaga but Tina stop her,,

Tina: we still need her Edna, if you end her now we won’t get anything
from her, she’s yet to tell me where their base is.

Edna: where are they Gaga?
Gaga: i don’t know, i swear i don’t know, come on Tina if you were in my
shoe you will do the same for your girls.
Tina: not by betraying my sisters (everybody was just looking at her).

Tina: since you can’t tell us where they are, then you are of no use to us then, Edna over to you.

Edna took her gun and wanted to end her when she spoke out “i can still fight for you, please let me rescue my girls first i promise to
bring many members to join”.

Tina: like how many members?
Gaga: like ten or even more, i can help you also with the girls from Abia.

Me: really,?
Gaga: yes.
Me: then we need her oh.

Edna: even without her we can still ask them to join us.

Me: but there is no probability that they will join, she’s got strong connection with them it is better we allow her call them.

Edna: what do you think? (she turn to Tina).
Tina: i think Oz is right, there is no harm in letting her help us afterall her girls are still missing.

Edna: okay oh.

Tina: we will untie you but you won’t have access to phone and you won’t leave our sight.

Gaga: okay okay, am okay with that and thanks.

Me: i think i need a good sleep.
everybody disappear to diferent corners to sleep and when i walk to my room i saw it occupied, i walk back to the sitting room where some of them are still sleeping, i walk out of the house because there is no
space for me.

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