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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 66
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We continue our journey to port harcout with heavy guns on our boot, me and Edna are miles ahead that if we see any police or armed force in front we can contact them and tell them what to do,.

If you follow portharcourt/owerri road then you will know that the road is very long and bad, the road is so bad and i hope government will do something about it,
after we left the bad road we saw
the first police check point but there are no police there, we pass the second checkpoint and also we didn’t see any police, getting to the next village now in rivers we saw someone waving touch on our front,
before we get there i quickly dial Benita number and told her to stop,.

We reach the checkpoint and it wasn’t police but soldiers, their eyes were red like hellfire i guess they must have been smoking since, with guns on their hands and their eyes red like this i think its better we
obey and follow all their instructions,
we stop and they told us to park which we did, they ask us where we are coming from by this time of the night and where are we going to,

Edna respond to all their question positively telling them that we are going to portharcourt for our aunty’s marriage and that we are have been on the road since morning, she told them we are coming from Abuja, they ask other questions which Edna also replied brilliantly, then they allow us go, Edna start the bike and move away from them, when we are far off we stop the bike and then Edna took the gun she hide inside the corner of the power bike, she took the gun and started shooting it to the sky, she continue shooting it for two minutes till we started seeing light of a car coming, then she start the bike and

took off, i quickly took my phone and placed a call to Benita telling them to start coming with full speed, she said okay and cut the call,
mean while the car is still trailing us but we were moving slowly so that they will get closer.

On our way we saw another car coming towards us and when we get closer the car in our front stop and people came out from the car with guns, the army on our back started their siren and when the groups on our front hear the siren they enter their car and ran away while we trail from behind,.

The police continue following us for many minutes before Edna match the jar and then we vanish out of sight, we even overtake the car that was in front of us earlier, i know power bike can run but i didn’t
expect it to be this fast, like play like play we pass the gangs and enter inside portharcour, the treasure base of the nation, and once we enter portharcourt, Edna corner into another street and park the bike there while we watch the road, within few minutes another soldier van pass us going to the road we just came from,.

Edna: i know they will call their men.

Me: do you think we should tell them Benita to stop and hold on?

Edna: yeah, they should hide for one hour till the road is clear.

Me: okay.

I took my phone and call Benita.

Ben: hello, how is the situation?
Me: very bad, you guys should park one side and hide the cars too.

Ben: till when?
Me: for one hour.
Ben: okay, will park now.
after the call, me and Edna remain in hiding for 10 minutes and then we started hearing gunshots from the place we just came out from, when the gunshots start my phone started ringing, i look at the screen and
saw Benita.

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