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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 64
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The guy on the van started firing the heavy gun at us, Edna quickly match break and i almost fly off the bike, as Edna match break
she release her hand from break again and with heavy speed she turn over to the right side and ran away passing the van with heavy speed with the guy still firing at
us, i look back and when I saw that they no longer following us i heave a sign of relief.
Me: wheeew, how did you do that?
Ed: practice i guess.

Me: that was nice, now we know why our girls can’t pass.

Ed: and now we too. can’t pass.
we enter inside Owerri and then locate the hotel which our girls are,when we get there they came down from the hotel to greet us, we followed them to their room to sit after exchanging greeting.

They are fifteen in numbers and they look hungry to fight with their
strong face like xena.

Girl 1: so how are we going to pass?
Edna: that shouldn’t be a problem.
Girl 2: how?

Edna: we will follow a police car going to port.
Girl 1: how are we sure the police won’t arrest us because we have alot of
amunitions on our car.

Edna: waoh, how did you get it all the way here before?

Girl 1: no strong security on the way.
Me: that’s bad because even without the thugs on the way, there is tight security to port, especially this Owerri/port harcourt road.

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Girl 2: we need the gun to fight also Madam Tina told us to come equip with them.

Me: okay we will hide on the car, its the back of the car the police or soldiers will check.

Girl 1: good so when are you going?
Me: tomorrow morning by seven, that is when we will see many police going to their checkpoint.

Girl 2: okay then, i will tell the other girls.
Edna: good, so for now i think we should be preparing ourselves they might attack anytime
without our notice.

Girl 1: we are fully prepared, we have four girls outside looking around and two girls upstairs and another two on the road.

Edna: that’s great benita you always a step ahead.

Benita: i just hope we succeed on this war because i want everything to be over.
Me: everybody want it to be over too, lets just pray to God for protection.

Beni: yeah, so what will you guys eat?
Me: we will go to the bar and eat i think they will have fish pepper soup.

Beni: yeah of course they have.
Me: good, then lest go.
as we stood up leaving for the bar my phone started ringing, i look at the screen and saw that its an unknown caller so i pick it up.

Me: hello.

Caller: my love.

Me: Mabel (as i said mabel, Edna and Benita paused and turned around and started looking at me).

Mabel: when are you coming home am missing you?

Me: i will come home anytime you want, where are you?

Mabel: oh you think am gonna tell you where i am, am not stupid Ozila.

Me: okay what do you want, why are you calling me?

Mabel: i just miss you na, can’t i call my boyfriend again?

Me: call me only when you want to see me.
Mabel: of course i want to see you, am in port harcourt and i guess you are in Owerri.

Me: where in port?

Mabel: can’t tell you that, but let me give you a warning, you escape last time but this time there is noway out if am you i will run and run and run.

Me: hahaha and you think am a coward like you who refuse to show your face all this while?

Mabel: we need to talk, tomorrow come to Garrison park alone, i will be alone too, lets see who is the real coward, come by seven in the evening, bye.

She cut the call at once.
Edna: what did she say?
Me: she want to meet.

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