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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 62
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We get home and surprise to see Tina with Lady Gaga, she was sitting on our chair eating like someone that has not eaten anything since three weeks, her hairs were scattered and she look rough.

When we open the door and as she saw me she ran to me and hug me very roughly,
i was surprise though i acted accordingly.

Me: Lady Gaga.
Gaga: ozila, welcome back.
Edna: how did you know our place?
Tina: she called me so i directed her.
Ed: oh, where have been all this while?

Lady Gaga: stranded with my phone in school.
Me: don’t you guys think we should start going now?

Tina: yeah, we will talk more later when we reach our new apartment.
Edna: okay, but lady Gaga were are your girls?

Gaga: all dead.
Me: waoh, sorry.
Ed: what a pity.
we took all our things and put them on the van, we drove out of the hotel in peace without any blockhead on the way, Tina is on the wheel while i sat beside her with Lady Gaga on our back, of course Edna
prefer her power bike as usual, she was in front while we follow her from behind, the building is a real bungalow because the place is really quiet with no other building there, the only thing you will see there is the building and tall trees everywhere, the buildng is close
to a river that means we can use boat to escape or car incase of emergency, there is light of course but it won’t be easy for someone to know that anybody live here, the building is an upstair with no gate,
it has an iron front and backdoor with iron windows too, what make me love it also is the big Anglican Church that stand in front of the street like a rock, it make the house perfect for me .

We park in front of the building and came down, Tina opened the front door and we all enter inside looking up and down, i took my things to up because there are two rooms upstair and two rooms downstair, so i took the last room upstair where i can be seeing the river, i came back to the parlour and told them that we should pray, we sang some
worship and then pray, after prayer we all settle down in sitting room, Lady Gaga is in the kitchen cooking while Tina is in her room
making calls and then me and Edna sat in the sitting room watching movie,.

Tina: my girls will be coming tomorrow. (she said as she came down from upstair, she choose the other room upstair close to me).

Me: how many of them?
Tina: i think fifteen of them.

Me: waoh, that means we are ready for war.
Gaga: don’t be so sure, Jack have more than thirty men with them. (she said coming from the kitchen with big spoon on her hand).

Edna: how did you know?
Gaga: we were eighteen when they attack us, my girls killed many of them but they are still many.

Me: so you mean you don’t have any more members?

Gaga: i do but they are all in school and afraid too because of their large numbers.

Edna: well if they join us i think we will have an advantage.

Gaga: i don’t want to call them because they are still fresh.

Me: so you want our men to fight for you?
Gaga: you brought the battle to us na.
Me: hmmmm we suppose to be one family.
Gaga: we are and don’t worry, i will contact them when the battle start.

Edna: why didn’t you go to meet them instead of coming here.

Tina: because she don’t want to endanger them.

Gaga: yes and because i want to join you guys to fight, but i will call them anyway.

Me: hmmmmm

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